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I am a 35 year old woman, who’s married and have three kids 2, 6, and 9. I work full time outside the home, while also pursuing an advanced degree on a part time basis. Last year, I was diagnosed with hypothyriod, but now my thyroid is under control without medication. I started taking birth control (Orthro-Tryciclen Low) pills about 5 months ago.

The question I’m afraid to ask has to do with my sex drive, or the lack thereof. I have no desires at all, which I know it’s not normal but I’m afraid to ask if this is due to some hormonal imbalance. I would like to know this can be corrected.

I_have_the_look_medium labelfree 166 posts

Never be afraid to open up and ask questions EXPECIALLY to yourDrs

Icon_missing_medium jaaad 4 posts

I just find it so hard to open up, but you are so right! Thanks!

I_have_the_look_medium labelfree 166 posts

Drs LOVE to help and you may be suffering from low sugar or hormones or whatever which has nothing to do with actual sex drive. The brain and our bodies are so very complex and YOU HAVE every right to know what the heck is going on! I am rootin for you girl!

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Thank you so much :)

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Hello I feel for you. I too am a 35 year old mother of one very sensitive four year old daughter. I too have been battling hyper and hypo tyhriod for years now. I have no sex drive. My husband is driving me nuts at times. I feel bad but I have people telling me that my daughter would be better off with a sibling and I have been rustling the idea can we affort it? I would love to give my daughter a little brother or sister but I just do not know if I on top of the finances could handle another one. Maddie is four and has a speech delay and has night terrors and is not potty broke at night.

I have went through a D&C a live birth which I placed for adoption a miscarriage and now my daughter. I am prerified that the next will result in a miscarriage and I don’t think I am up for it. I have lost both boys and had two girls. I found out it was my thyriod which refused to let me have the boys and they were rejected.

I think back on all this and wonder is it me and my demons that keep me from loving my husband to the fullest?

Who knows maybe it is me.




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I am 35 years old and have 2 boys ages 2 and 3. I am working outside the home just one night a week. My sex drive has completely dwindled down to the point where I can even say that I hate sex, don’t want any part of it, and the once a month(if even that often) I can’t wait for it to be over. I feel that the excuse that I’ve kept telling myself and what my Gyno has said.. the fact that I have 2 kids so young and close in age, am working part time and try to keep the house in order is really played out. I feel that I shoud have it together by now, my youngest just turned 2. I know that I have the right to be tired, but I still feel that I should atleast WANT it at some point!? I love my Husband dearly and am still attracted to him. Dont get me wrong, he does aggravate me with the normal things that men make us crazy about.. but I feel that there is defenitely something wrong with me. This is ruining my marriage. I also have had the MIrena IUD in since my last born was 12 weeks old.. which I am about to have taken out because I feel that this may be playing a part in all this. Is there anyone else out there that also does not want sex whatsoever? Any comments would be helpful. Thank you

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Lorie – I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through so much. You have to find strength to forgive yourself in order to move on. I don’t know if you have faith in God, but he always finds a way and know that he’s forgiven you. Part of what you’re feeling may very well be a result of your thyroid.

Momto2monsters – I can relate with you so much! When I hear some of my friends talk about sex and how much they like, I stay quiet because I have nothing to contribute to the conversation. Like you, I also feel that I should WANT it at some point, I used to, but now I’m running on empty. Maybe you’ll feel better after you take out the IUD. Has your doctor given you any suggestions on increasing your drive?

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I am preg. now and have had two other babys before. My problem is not that I don’t have a sex drive. The problem for me is that I am very sore and hurt after. Do to it hurting after makes me not want it. I never had this problem with being preg with my other two kids. Can anyone give me sugestions.
Thank you!

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I know what u r going thru I’m a 31yr old single mom with a 18mo old and I lost my sex drive late in my preg at first I thout it was because it was pane full and then I blamed it on the fact that we were having problems but we have been split up 4 a year and still nothing this can’t be normal

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