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HlN1 and mitral valve prolapse syndrome patients

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Sesandmj_medium ses1978 3 posts

Can the H1N1 affect mitral valve prolapse syndrome patients more severely? Just to clarify: case in point, I recently had flu-like illness right after 1. seasonal flu shot and 2. mysterious sinus infection. My symptoms were fever, severe migraine-type headache, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting (once), dehydration, heart palpitations, severe dizziness, severe fatigue. It felt like I was dying and if I had put my head below my heart when sitting or standing, the headache and dizziness worsened. I had started tasting metal after the vomiting in my mouth. I couldn’t push enough fluids despite my best efforts. I craved salty french fries and electrolyte ice pops. But is there a way to retroactively test for antibodies for this virus to see if it’s what caused my symptoms? Will my heart recover from this recent bout of illness?

Sesandmj_medium ses1978 3 posts

Additional information: I also had tremors and muscle spasms during this illness.

Doughboy_icon_medium ThisIsMe 26 posts

It is a miracle that you did not die!

I too have a weakend heart and valve problems.  Any time you flood your body with toxins such as those in the vaccine your heart has to work harder and when you have valve problems already then your heart really works too hard and is pushed too much.

I really hope you can get over this but honestly you may have just caused more problems for your weakened heart and it will take a while (if ever) to recover.

STAY AWAY from vaccines.  They are loaded with harmful toxins and your heart simply cannot handle them.  People with perfectly healthy  hearts have problems so people like us REALLY have problems.

Good luck!

Icon_missing_medium BROADWAY 3 posts

I have mitrovalve prolapse also. My doctor recommended I get the flu shot and the H1N1 flu shot. I feel great!
I got the fllu shot in Sept and the H1N1 last week. No problems. I don’t need the fllu and am especially fearful of
this H1N1. Todays show the pediatrician said as soon as death rates go up people are going to be running for that
shot. I would have more faith in your doctor. You’ll statistically live longer and happier.

Doughboy_icon_medium ThisIsMe 26 posts

Well I’m thankful that you are ok after yours.  That is unfortunately not the
case in all instances.

Also, faith in my doctors and the medical industry is what gave me my mitral
valve and tricuspid valve problems as well as many other health issues I’m now
having to try and deal with at a very young age.

I am aware that they still help people and are still needed but there are
also the instances where they do more harm than good.  So due to personal
experiences as well as stories from others I am a lot better educated about how
things really work and what ingredients they are giving their trusting patients
and their detrimental side effects.

Icon_missing_medium BROADWAY 3 posts

I’m interested in what happened and when to you and are you suing the hospital and doctors. Unfortunately this happened to you while it could have been any one of us. Anyway I believe in preventative medicine. It is easier than
finding out the hard way you have something terrible. Catch these things through routine check ups so that they can
be fixed when things are small. How old are you?

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Forums December 21, 2009 - Everything You Need to Know about the Flu HlN1 and mitral valve prolapse syndrome patients



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