Ringing in my ears!

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Icon_missing_medium tulimieri 1 post

I am 64 yrs old and I have had “noise in my ears” as long as I can remember, it comes and goes, but the last year it has stayed and sometimes it gets very loud. It sounds like “white noise”. If I block my ears I can still hear it. Sometimes when I go to bed I put my ipod earphones on and listen to a book so I won’t concentrate on it.
Is there any I can do. I have tried “Tinnitus Relief Formula” but it doesn’t seem to change anything. I do take several medications, Cymbalta, Celebres, Lyrica, Singular, Claritin, Omega 3, Centrum Women 50+ vitamens. Can any of these be causing it to get louder? My hearing is good.
Thanks for any answers.
Mary Alice
Glastonbury, CT

I_have_the_look_medium labelfree 166 posts

wow This would actually drive me crazy I hope you find a cure. You will be in my prayers.

Icon_missing_medium Toenail 1 post

Hello tulimieri,
I live at home with my older sister of about 9 years older then I and she has had a ringing in her ears for some time now. She consulted a doctor and he told her it was just age creeping up on her. I too have a ringing in my ears but I have had that all of my life that I can remember. My mother always told me to pay attention to my body so I could always compare any differences. I am not saying that you don’t have anything bad going on but is it possible you are paying to much attention to it? When I get upset about anything I tend to notice it more and louder. I am 48 and I deal with about 623 animals living at my home with me so the stress can get high at times. I also deal with RLS but now I can control that to a wonderful degree that I can live with and not take any drugs for it. I also have what use to be called night fears which is a form of a seizures. I learned to control them without drugs. I can’t say weather your drugs would cause that or not. For me a form of medication of the ringing is leaving the TV on low just so the noises are confused to my ears and tucking my feet in at the end of my bed so they can’t just jump all over the place. I wish I could be of more help to you!

Icon_missing_medium jrschaa 221 posts

Hi Tulimieri. I, too, have tinnitus that I acquired when I first started taking meds for my high blood pressure. I’ve changed meds but the noise still is there. For me, background noise is the best therapy. If I don’t think about it I don’t hear it. This article sure has me buzzing.lol

I_have_the_look_medium labelfree 166 posts

Def I have prayer candles lit in my home like 20 for all of us hear! It does work and I hope they find a cure for all of our ailments! GODBLESS US ALL! xox S

Icon_missing_medium jhlper 1 post

I, too, have had the ringing and static and buzz and whatever for what seems like forever (many, many years—definitely more than 20!) I try not to focus on it but, sometimes………

I had constant ear infections as a child in the 40’s and 50’s (and some, but less as an adult in the 60’s and 70’s) and had a lot of myringotomies (ear lancing). I also received “x-ray treatments” in a Cleveland hospital a for a few years in the mid-40’s (they’d NEVER do that today!) It caused me to have my thyroid removed in the mid-70’s.

I would be very interested in checking out what they talked about today on The Doctors. How about others of you? Hang in there, everyone, and be well.

Cooter_winter_08-09_medium Cooter 158 posts

Tinnitus was one of my Lyme symptoms – fortunately not anymore due to long tearm antibiotic treatment. 


Good_picture_of_me_medium Goldenchild87 1 post

Hello everyone, I have ringing in my ears so bad that I can’ t hear people talking to me. It’s awlful. Even when I am sleep, I wake up because it is so loud. Does anyone know of anything that helps

Lighthouse_medium SherriLynne 1 post

Hi Jan and others, I developed severe hearing loss w/ tinnitus 15 yrs ago now, at the age of 35. It literally came on me ‘overnight’. I was told the cause was unknown but “most likely a virus”….saw several specialists and it was determined from testing that the damage was in the cochlea and the nerve from there to the brain and that it is permanent damage. I felt as if my head was under water all the time and kept telling the Dr.s that I was sure I could struggle less if sounds would be louder for me. I could hear higher tones/pitches faintly i.e. running water, bird chirps, but am totally deaf to low tones. We did try a hearing aid for a few yrs, with the result of everything that I could hear in that ear being so distorted that it was uncomfortable and un-nerving as well. The only thing I liked about the hearing aid was that it felt as those my head was taken out of the water or ‘opened up’ in that ear; and it finally gave me something to help distract from this constant roaring sound I havel…although the hearing aid certainly was NOT for use (for me anyway) in a noisey situation. After having the aid repaired several times to the point it couldn’t be fixed anymore, I am now without one altogether because on the latest testing for that ear it was determined the nerve has deteriated even more now.
I have ended suffering from depression, loss of concentration like it used to be, irritability, loss of normal sleep, etc., etc., due to this roaring that will not go away! I’ve thought many times that the noise was going to drive me insane and have tried my best to cope by trying not to think of the sound but find I end up running the TV constantly to help detract….I’ve tried to set the timer to make the TV turn off after I’ve fallen asleep, but usually more than not, I wake up again and can’t fall back asleep so I turn it back on. The noise in my ear/head is horrible and I feel so bad for others that have to suffer with this as well…..some people just cannot understand what it is like for those of us with this terrible symptom. I wish some device such as was shown on the Dr.s today would be the answer.
I will say on a “lighter” note this…..the ONLY time I’ve considered this problem of hearing loss as a bonus, is when you’re trying to sleep in and the kids/hubby would be making too much noise I would then turn over as to have my good ear turned into the pillow! Most Dr.s suggested trying to sleep with a radio (ipod with earphones today) under your pillow. I would gladly like to hear other options people have learned helps them. My apologies for the length of this post.

Icon_missing_medium paul8539 26 posts

I have had something like this all my life. When I was young, I complained to my mother about it, and she just said things like ’you’re supposed to hear that’, ’ you’re imagining things’, ’it’s all in your head’, ‘there is nothing wrong’. She wouldn’t even talk to the doctor about it.

What it sounds like: in one ear, two high-pitched harmonically-convergent nearly-steady tones on top of white noise; in the other ear, one different tone on top of white noise. These are in the general area of the 15768 hz frequency of the old black-and-white TV set crystals (whenever a set was on in the house, I could tell because I could hear this high-pitched crystal anywhere in the house). I have had hearing tests, and they showed that I have a 35 db loss at certain frequencies, and a 20 db loss at some other frequencies.

Any idea what is causing this?

Rahul_medium rahuljobanputra 1 post

I can hear the whisling sound in my ears since childhood its been more than 20 yrs now…

i have been 2 many doctors but in vain can any 1 plz help me.

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