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Icon_missing_medium glambert5294 1 post

Does anyone know which skin care product line Dr. Ordon referred to today’s show? There were several bottles but I didn’t hear the name.

Icon_missing_medium paw1962 1 post

I paused my DVR to look at the name on the bottles, all I could make out was “The Plastic Surgery Institute”. If you go to Dr. Drew’s websight at, there’s a banner that says “new skincare line coming soon!”. I am guessing this is what he had on the show, but I could be wrong.

Icon_missing_medium Anettehoff 1 post

I am looking or the recipe for a facial mask for pregnant woman that will help for dark spots.  Will be so so grateful if anybody can assist.

Anette, Johannesburg, South Arica



Icon_missing_medium Darlynn66 1 post

Dr. Ordon has a new skincare line. You can find it on He just started airing infomercials that feature Minnie Driver. I purchased it…can’t wait to try it.

Icon_missing_medium SLandre 1 post

Does anyone know which products are Dr. Ordon’s?  When I search there are two that come up.  One is called Ratio in purple bottles and the other is called Derm Exclusive in Red/White bottles?  I would love to try it.

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