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female with little to no sex drive

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Dear, Doctors

I am 33 years old with little to no sex drive. I’ve been to my doctor and GYN and they said theres nothing they can give me at my age and what I’m experiencing may be psychological? What tests should I request from my doctors to determine wheather or not this is physical or mental. I have two children in which I suffered from Postpartum deppression and this is when the need for sex dissipated. It’s only once in every in a blue moon that I’m in the mood. And since giving birth the first time I no longer enjoy the feeling of my breast being touched. My children are much older now and I’m to young to have lost my sex drive! I am happy and thankful that my fiance has been patient and understanding, we are planning our wedding for next year but how can I marry like this:( PLEASE help me figure out how to get my groove back.

Thank you Doctors for all your help.

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I am experiencing the same thing. Although my sex drive deminished only after my 2nd child. I went to the dr and asked for a Folicle stimulating Hormone test. They said my levels of testosterone were all normal.. but i have also noticed that each doctor has  a normal level and according to some dr’s my levels are below normal. I’m thinkng i need something else to be done or take some testosterone supplements.. but I need to check with another dr. Let me know if you find anything out. It is horrible feeling this way especially when I used to have a huge sex drive and now it is gone.. like I wouldn’t mind having sex the thought sounds fun.. but then when it comes down to actually doing it.. i can’t really stand the thought.and i  dno’t like the feeling of my breasts touched eitehr… in fact i am different all the time on what I can’t stand being touched!

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i also have this problem but i am 23! i have no sex drive what-so-ever….i dont know what to do. ever since i had my 1st son i havent wanted to have sex at all. now that baby #2 is here it seems to be worse. i could really care less if it happens or not i just dont want anything to do with sex for some reason and my husband is getting really frustrated about it. what can i do to get the magic back??

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I thought I was alone… Since the birth of my first child 8 years ago my sex drive in gone, which used to be really really good! My husband and I argue sometimes about it. And now to make matters worse because of female problems I am havign the Dr started me on Lupron Depot to put me into early menopause which one of the side affects is lowered sex drive so I can not win for losing!!! I need help what do I do?

Picture3_medium jamakamama 2 posts

My sex drive was always high until a little over a year ago. I decided to change that back. What I did was even though I didn’t feel like it, I initiated sex every night for about two weeks (enough to make it a “habit”), and by the end of those two weeks I was finding myself actually needing it again more than I ever had, and my drive has not changed back since then. My husband has been the one having a hard time keeping up and sometimes he would rather I just masturbate or use the vibrator while he helps or watches!

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A low sex drive for a woman is due to a women’s Hormones, her glands and her views on sex it self. It can be a real bummer for a couple sexually if and when it happens. But there are ways u can beat it, if it’s ur Hormones try some Horny Goats tea or Ginseng to try and raise up ur hormone levels.Or see if u have a low thyroid from a Doctor, it could mean u have low thyroid or a hormone disorder. If it’s ur Glands, it could mean u need to see what level ur adrenal gland is at. Women that have an adrenal gland disorder believe it or not, are hyper sexed. If ur adrenaline gland isn’t working right it means ur sex drive isn’t working right either. Last but not least, if it’s yourself as ur Doctor say, it could also mean it’s also ur sexual partner. Maybe he isn’t gentle enough for u or he needs to learn how to be a better lover. Then that’s where u need to be the teacher and him the student. Teach him what u would like him to do, tell him what u like and show him.

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I am the same! I was 27 when I had my son and I was single at the time. I did not have a boyfriend for two years after my sons birth. My first boyfriend I could not keep my hands off of and same with my sons father. My boyfriend now has been so patience. We have been together for over three years now and I could not care less about sex and find that it hurts. I went to see a specialist about it and they said I was in pain because my cervix is low. But I have learned to adjust to that, where it does not hurt anymore. I would like to re-visit my Dr. to see if there is anything else he can do for me! Do you have any suggestions on what I can request?

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