Painful Pelvic Exams

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I’ve been having annual pelvic exams since my 1983 hysterectomy. In February 2009 I had the most traumatic pelvic exam I’ve ever had and I have been having pelvic exams for over 37 years.
My regular OB/GYN wasn’t available so they scheduled me with another OB/GYN in her office. First she tried to force a large speculum inside me. When I told her it hurt, she tried to force a medium speculum inside me. That also hurt so she switched to a small speculum. She then complained that she couldn’t get it far enough inside and pushed in really hard. When I told her that hurt she told me she had to do it because she couldn’t see in far enough. Then she swabbed the upper part of my vagina and it hurt. I told her that it hurt. I asked her if that could be because I am menopausal or because I haven’t has sex since 1998. She had no answer. So I made a comment that I will never have sex again. And she told me to find a man that is gentle and understanding and left the room. She never apologized for the pain she inflicted. After she and the assistant left the room I had to sit on the table for awhile before I could move. I felt sexually abused.
As I said earlier, I have been having pelvic exams for 37 years – since I was 17. My regular OB/GYN in 2008 said I was still moist and pink showing no sign of dryness, and she didn’t hurt me. Could a change have happened within a year’s time? What was the reason for the pain? This year I called early enough to get my regular OB/GYN. She teaches as well as sees patients, and of course she delivers babies, so you have to schedule 3 – 4 months in advance to see her. I will tell her of last year’s experience but I wanted to know what Dr. Masterson’s thoughts were.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards.

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