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Killing Ants with Table Salt

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Family_pictures_111_medium SamiS 1 post

I thought that I heard Travis say on this episode that you can kill ants with regular table salt.. Does anybody know if this is correct. They said something about ants would eat the salt and couldn’t digest it and they would explode… Please advise..

Thank you,
Needing to kill some ants!!

Img_1888_medium mommy2alex 8 posts

Yes it is correct. It causes them to become really thirst. They then go and drink until they burst. Also you can use baking powder. I have also learned that Kitchen spray kills them. That is what we use.

Icon_missing_medium auntybee 4 posts

You can use a 50-50 mixture of Borax and icing sugar, the ants take it to their nest so you kill ants there too

Mr_peebles_medium purpledoctors 2 posts

That’s so sad and horrible. Why would you do that if there are humane alternatives that work better and repel them instead of killing the poor ants that are just trying to survive in this world just like us. These work just as well without hurting them:

. Sage leaves and/or black pepper sprinkle over places you don’t want them to go to.

. Ground up chalk, turmeric powder, cinnamon or coffee grounds….ants don’t like crossing those.

. Citrus: orange oil, citrus oil (can be soaked into a piece of string), etc.. the smell repels them.


Good luck!



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