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Danapanthersmuscle_medium danabett 1 post

I would like to recieve the laser hair removal system that was given away to the audience today 5/7. What do I need to do to be in the running for the giveaway?

221081816_737725320_0_medium OhioBrat 3 posts

I realy need the laser hair removal,yes how do we sign up for that?

Icon_missing_medium msconstance 2 posts

I would not only love to have the laser removal system I would by happy to use it and let everyone know how it works. I’m a 47 year old woman who would like to be free of the dreaded peach fuzz on my face. I’ve tried several things on my sensitive skin and end up either burning it or tearing out a piece. Ouch!!!

Me_7_06_medium cp2step 1 post

I would also like to be in the running for the givaways. The laser hair removal system is just what I have been looking for.
Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s!

Icon_missing_medium prent_me 4 posts

I really really really need the Laser Removal System!  I would love to tell other’s that have the same problem about it and how it would help them.  I could use the other product’s as well, but the hair remover would be the best thing for me to have and use!    I have had to shave my chin and under my chin since I was about 25, I am about to turn 53. So hopefully you can understand my need for it!Thank you!

Icon_missing_medium nanettecm 1 post

Yes I too would like all the free giveaways if I can get them in Canada.

Icon_missing_medium dkellner 1 post

I liked the hair removal and the exercise ball to . But lets face it all the gifts are nice!!!!! So how do the people at home get them? Enjoying your show as always!!!! thanks dkellner

Yellow_lily_medium ArcticFox 2 posts

I am also interested in receiving the Tria Hair Removal system. Please let us know how to go about “ordering” one. Thx!

Icon_missing_medium TroyRicky 1 post


Moderatoricon_medium TheDoctorsBo... 1472 posts

The AB COASTER from Today’s Show is the only item being given away online.  


Win A Medical Must-Have

For a chance to win an Ab Coaster by Tristar Products Inc., click here!




Icon_missing_medium tclare 1 post

I was very iinterested in the laser hair removal system. They told us how much it cost, $800, but didn’t tell us who made it or where one could purhcase it. There seems to be a lot of interest in this product. We’d appreciate more details on this. Thank you kindly.

Moderatoricon_medium TheDoctorsBo... 1472 posts

You can find a link to theTria Laser Hair Removal on the RELATED RESOURCES page found on the SHOW SUMMARY.  

To get there go up to EPISODES, choose TODAY’S SHOW.  On that page next to the Video box you will see SHOW SYNOPSIS along with RELATED RESOURCES and other links related to the show.  

For older shows choose THIS WEEK, or ARCHIVES from the drop down menu.



Ralph_50th_004_-_copy_medium blaque3714 1 post

I would have liked to recieve the laser hair removal system that was given away today just to eliminate the embarassing facial hair and the painful process of waxing. It was a great gift for the audeince.

Icon_missing_medium amitai 2 posts

I would love to receive a laser hair removal as well. I thought they said you could apply for a give away online. So tired of being pale skinned and plucking black hairs it is so embarrassing. I can’t afford to purchase one but would love to have one. I wish i Lived in LA and was at the show today.

Icon_missing_medium missdiane2 8 posts

I dont want to be like my grandmother and grow a fu manchu.  Poor grandma had dementia and didn’t know she had one so she wouldn’t lett anyone shave it off.  My son, just to be ornery, would let me sit there goatie!

Icon_missing_medium missdiane2 8 posts

…..with a goatie!


Icon_missing_medium toomanygirls 1 post

I was very glad to see that Dr. Drew recommended the Tria for home hair removal. I have had 3 treatments in a spa and had to stop due to the $$. I had read about the Tria and another one but wasn’t really sure if it would be worth the money. There are five girls in my house (myself and 4 daughters) 3 of us would love love love it if we received a free one! We all love the Doctors, even the younger girls!

Icon_missing_medium jan-upstateNY 1 post

I would LOVE to be able to have a chance to receive “audience give aways”. With the economy it really is getting tougher sometimes impossible to get to renew the gym membership or to treat myself to a spa treatment. Thank you doctors for the information, education and helping those in need. Thank you for showing compassion you relay to your guests who have embarrassing (at least to them). Those people are very lucky to have you to help them without shame and humiliation…unlike some evening reality shows.

Icon_missing_medium missdiane2 8 posts

I don’t have any daughters. but my mother, sister, nieces and one hairy son sure could get a lot of use out it.  If a person could afford it or pool their rescorces with other family members it would well be worth it.  I have looked it to electralises and it aint cheap"

Icon_missing_medium missdiane2 8 posts

I know I spelled that wrong.  I guess I need to put on my glasses


Icon_missing_medium missdiane2 8 posts

Good luck to everyone.  It looks like a lot of people want the same thing,  and I’m sure they’re only giving away 10 or less.  Happy Mothers Day to all the moms


Icon_missing_medium pooh24 1 post

Really wanted the opportunity to win the free giveaways that were given to the audience on today’s show, especially the TRIA. I think that is sad that DR Travis said home audience can have a chance to win all the same products that were given away and now online it is only saying ab coster. I would love to have won the home laser hair removal if given an opportunity.

Icon_missing_medium Mike C 1 post

I would like to recieve the laser hair removal system from Tria.
Please enter me in the free audience giveaways.


Icon_missing_medium harminder 2 posts

i would like to get a laser hair removal please i need to get it for my moms b-day  go to thanks

Icon_missing_medium sqwana2002 1 post

Hello Doctors!!! My family and I watch your show everyday!! Could we please be entered in the audience giveaways!? That would be a great mothers day present!

Thank You

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