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Icon_missing_medium barefootguy 4 posts

I missed todays show. Can someone please tell me what was said about going barefoot. I live a barefoot lifestyle and go almost everwhere barefoot: stores, restaurants, movie theaters, libraries, etc and have never had a problem. I’m really curious to know what the show says to scare people away from going barefoot. Also, I was wondering if anyone else lives a barefoot lifestyle, or would like to, and would like to know more about it.

Dscn0511_medium Webster2008 82 posts

they recommend going barefoot around the house only cause you can get different bacteria out and about and not just that if you step on glass or a nail it will hurt.

Icon_missing_medium JohnnyN 1 post

After watching the segment on walking barefoot, I was surprised that they did not mention the Vibram five fingers as an alternative to walking outside without the need of larger shoes. For those who do not know, the Vibram five fingers are basically a mix between the flexible foot hugging sock and the protective shoe. I am a proud wearer and believe that they give me the experience of walking barefoot while protecting my foot from objects on the ground, including all of the harmful organisms discussed on the show today. I think it would be great if maybe on one episode the Doctors would try them out as they do with other products.

Icon_missing_medium barefootguy 4 posts

Thank you, Webster2008, for the info.

Dscn0511_medium Webster2008 82 posts

your welcome any time. Also going around barefoot around the house especially if the house is cold and you have a certain disease like raynauds disease you are not suppose to go around barefoot.

Icon_missing_medium scorpnet 3 posts

Walking barefoot is perfectly fine, there has been numerious studies that its perfectly healthy. As a matter of fact our feet were helthier before the invention of shoes, our bone structure was more prominent. The bacteria and other bugs issues is sorta true, you can pick up alot of bacteria but the skin is designed to keep agents out, so unless you are sucking your toes or puting your feet on surfaces  your going to eat from,  you are more likley of picking up something bad from a public restroom with yoru bare hands even after you washed then getting something from bare feet in the worst conditoions. Walking barefoot improves your arch, eliminates Athlietes foot, and one of the best things, dry feet dont stink. Without shoes the feet have a perfect chance to dry out witch iliminates odor, And over time by walking barefoot enoug you will be able to walk through any surface, even hot ashfault or broken glass. Im just surprised that the doc’s Wouldnt say any of this. Theres nothing wrong with it, its just a Taboo on wich sociaty has not accapted that is all thats wrong with it.

Sn151137_medium ruokir 1 post

I love being barefoot. I never wear shoes in the house. Outside if I did not have too I wouldn’t wear them either. I believe it is safer to wear shoes outside though. I have alot I mean alost of shoes and they don’t hurt my feet it is just a I choose to be barefoot.

Icon_missing_medium barefootguy 4 posts

Ruokir, you should try going barefoot outside and everywhere else you go. You’ll soon realize that it isn’t dangerous and it feels great.

Icon_missing_medium barefootguy 4 posts

Ruokir, if you or anyone else wnats to talk to me about living a barefoot lifestyle feel free to e-mail me at alanupdike@gmail.com. and I’ll be happy to tell you what it’s like and supply you with any advice and encouragment that you need.

Icon_missing_medium scorpnet 3 posts

I think it would be nice for the doc’s  to talk about how it really is. How benifical it is and what the risks are. Yes there are risks but you have to weigh them to see if the benifits outweigh the risks. Thier not much but if you know what your doing those risks are next to nothing. I am a bit dissapointed that they didnt mention any of this.

Icon_missing_medium eacahill 1 post

I just saw this episode so not sure if anyone else will see this, but I used to love walking barefoot until I got cellulitis and I didn’t just get it once I got it twice and my doctors said it was becuase I went barefoot and probably picked up some bacteria some where. Be careful if you go barefoot.

Snow_09_006_medium SleepTech 107 posts

I love to go barefoot and do it at home all summer long, I will walk out to he van, or maybe even across the street sometimes without shoes, and It does feel nice. I don’t think I would want to walk in a public place barefoot, it seems very unsanitary to me (I am kind of a germaphobe, and with Lupus I am very prone to infection) the parasite talk I heard about being barefoot though scared me the most, especially the worms you can get in your legs they burrow into the feet. The thought really creeps me out. There is nothing better than barefeet on plush carpet, or nice grass though. I guess I ma kind of middle of the road on this one. :0)

Icon_missing_medium scorpnet 3 posts

There was a study out, the Human foot was healithier BEFORE the inventrion of shoes. The Human foot was designed to walk without shoes!

Snow_09_006_medium SleepTech 107 posts

I believe that, people slept better before the wide spread use of electricity too.

Icon_missing_medium immortalbeau... 1 post

I was watching the episode today about the Five Finger shoes and they mentioned that they were having a giveaway. Did anyone catch that and where to find the link on-line? Thanks

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