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Icon_missing_medium Jaya 41 1 post


I always look forward to see you on Dr.Phil and The DoctorsTV shows. I have learnt a lot watching you discuss the Bio-identical hormones . I want you to know that I admire you immensely. I read both your books. You are awesome! I am so happy that you represent all of us women. Finally, YOU are our “voice”. No one listens to us. We seem to live in a fog.

Next week, I have a Dr. appointment. I will be discussing that very subject again.
In the past, I have asked to check my hormone levels. It seemed as though I was talking to the wall. He totally ignored me. Saying that at my age, it is normal to feel the way I do. I suffer from mood swings, no hot flashes, but, no desire for sex whatsover, I feel depressed and have vaginal dryness. My Dr. told me to take ESTROVEN daily, that should eleviate all my problems. I have been taking it for a few years now. Nothing has changed.

Thank you for your advice and for listening to us.


Icon_missing_medium SimplyJoey 2 posts

I have been receiving hormone implants since 1981. I had a hysterectomy at the age of 23 and spent years trying to regulate hormones. I absolutely would not go another route. It is the only thing that my body has responded to. My Doctor is also an endocrinologist and makes sure that he does complete blood workups to make sure that my whole body is in right balance. I highly recommend this type of HRT.

Icon_missing_medium Gloriamcwill 2 posts

I have been on bioidentical for over a year. on capsule a day is what keeps my sanity. I sleep at night, no more hot flashes. all my gyno did was take blood, send it off to see what was missing and here I am bragging about it! I encourage any menopausle woman to see her gyno and ask about the bioidentical!!

176_medium Wyattsmama08 1 post

I am only 26 and not even close to peri menopause but I am curious about the creams Robbin talked about. I know that the testosterone cream helps with libido and are they the same kind of thing. But my main question is does the cream rub off on other people? Being that it is topical i would be affraid that giving my kids hugs would expose them to the drug.

Marciepic_medium topskops 1 post

I too am meeting my new Doctor for the first time next week, and I want to be brave enough to stick to my beliefs. I am so tired of feeling the way I do, and I miss the strong person I once was. I am taking 3 different kinds of medications, and I am just afraid of change. I am trying to research all of my options, and I only hope I can come up with something to believe in me again.

Thank You Robin

Icon_missing_medium dustmidnip 1 post

I am very happy to see Robin talking about this subject. I had a hysterectomy and 1 1/2 overies removed too when I was 24 now i’m 47 I had hot flashes, very depressed, very fatigued and wow the moodiness for years. I doctored since my surgery without any relief.

I am hoping that they have a doctor and pharmasist in Lancaster Co, PA. I haven’t found any yet but I will not stop till I get the relief I need.

I really luv Dr. Phil, Robin, and The Doctors they all give the best advise and support to help people cope with everyday problems. Thanks to all of them

Img_4612_medium kt0775 1 post

i am 33 years old and i have been on bio identical (pill form) for 3 years.  i noticed a difference the first time i took them.  after being evaluated and having my hormones checked through my blood, i was in perimenopause at age 29!!!  i couldn’t believe it.  i thought i was suppose to feel “this way” because i had toddlers.  i thought i was suppose to be moody and tired and in need of an afternoon nap after taking care of the kids and be up during the night.  i thought my period was suppose to cause headaches and bloating and be painful and have night sweats.  until my doctor told me different.  the first night i slept like a rock, i could have sworn she put sleeping meds in my pill.  

i am a better mom and a better wife because my hormones are balanced.  

prices vary on what it all costs, and my insurance doesn’t cover it.  but i wouldn’t go without it for any price.

i talk to my girlfriends.  some have tried it and they are a different person.  others are hesitant and think its good for me and one day if they get bad enough, they will try it.  they don’t realize how bad they are right now!!!


Icon_missing_medium SimplyJoey 2 posts

Everyone gets so caught up in what is reported in the news daily. I firmly believe in listening to your own body. It will tell you what it needs. Do your own research and get good advice from trustworthy sources.

0005_medium holyhormones 43 posts

Oh, just reading these posts makes my day——women who listen to their own bodies, advocate to their doctors for what they need, and are educating themselves!!!!! You all rock! I’m very passionate about this (as you can probably tell) and I have a blog dedicated to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and related women’s health issues, you can find it at, and please feel free to email me at Happy health to all of you!!!!!

Icon_missing_medium mlnalfaro 1 post

I am 46yrs old and I am still on birth control. It’s a very low dose but I go through mood swings and sweats. It is bothering me more and more each month. I have also lost my libido and I have always had a healthy drive. I had my blood drawn at my anual appt. for hormone levels…this was the 2nd week into my cycle on the pill. They were all within normal range…so to speak. There is an HRT Dr. in my town and a compounding pharmacy. Is it worth it to schedule an appt.? Plus I do not know if my insurance would cover another blood test. I also can’t seem to lose weight as well as I used to. If anyone has any advice I would surely appreciate it. Thanks.

Icon_missing_medium nicholsonn 1 post

I have had breast cancer and heard that I shoud stay away from soy. I see that the bio-identicals are made from soy. I don’t like the side effects from the hormone I take now. Are bio-identicals an option for people that have had breast cancer?

Icon_missing_medium chicknfillet 1 post

Does anyone know if you can use these products if breast cancer runs in the family?

Mnd_medium marshkw 2 posts

Robin’s information about bio-identical hormones was informative and I appreciate the detail. I have been on the compound pharmacy bio-identical hormones for a year and there is more to my personal story regarding the benefit. The issue I have today is that insurance companies will not recognize the compound pharmacy unless it is “theirs”. So finding a great pharmacy that cares about me personally and works great with my doctor is not accepted by my insurance company (Aetna). My job was recently eliminated and thus the insurance I have is out of pocket. I do not have any major health needs beyond the hormonal replacement. It is disappointing that the insurance companies are so restrictive and perhaps this is the same ol’ story… just a different issue. Thank you.

164252_medium Lisa Thaxton 1 post

I am a 46 yr old Army wife. I have been told I am in Peri-menipausal stage. I still have my periods like clock work. I went back on the pill because my husband came back from South Korea. I do not want children I’m to old….LOL But last week the week before I started. I had to change close during the night last week 2 times a night. I am also sweating really bad when working indoors or outdoors. I only have 7 months left with my husband before he leaves for Afganistan. I am miserable and I don’t won’t sex. I have so many issues. I don’t know what to do……..Please help me to enjoy the next 7 months with my husband before he goes to fight in this war. I also am retaining water really bad and that is raising my blood pressure. PLEASE HELP!!! I hate life now.Can someone call me to tell me where to go for help? I would really love to know if there is any where close to me to go. I would love to try the bio hormones……LOVE To

Thanks so much Robin

Doctors_day_medium sharthacker 6 posts

This is why compounding pharmacies come up with alternatives! Your doctor can prescribe sublingual or vaginal testosterone and you won’t have to worry about spreading the cream on to your kids.
Call our pharmacists if you have more questions about this.

Sharon Steen

Doctors_day_medium sharthacker 6 posts

And remember to look at the following website to locate a physician:…
and find a compounding pharmacy near you at 

Mnd_medium marshkw 2 posts

I recommend you find a “homonal” doctor in your area – I was lucky that a friend of mine had already found Donna White. My issue was that I was past start of menapause without treatment but what that caused was that my hormonal levels “flat lined” and I was experiencing significant lapse of memory. All is much better now with the bio-identical! My obgyn did not advocate the bio-identicals – probably because of influence from the insurance companies and pharmists that they work with… Donna White does have a website and perhaps she can help you find a great contact in your area or The Doctors will help… my prayers are with you – thank God, your husband is home.

Icon_missing_medium mickeysmom 3 posts

I had heard about bio identicals and asked my OB/GYN about them—he poo-pooed me, so I researched them myself.  One day I passed a local pharmacy that said on their marquis that they compounded bio-identical hormones.  I made a u-turn and asked where I could get a prescription.  They referred me to a physician’s assistant who, through a simple saliva test discovered what I needed.  Two days after starting them, I felt like my old self!  I lost 6 pound too!

Icon_missing_medium Enduringflight 2 posts

I was having difficulty with my period while I was on birth
control.  My doctor increased the level of my birth control, after a
few months I just did not like the way I felt.  My doctor suggested the
Mirena as an alternative.  After insertion I noticed a difference
immedately in my flow.  I was hopeful that my systems would continue to
improve.  After nine months I felt even worst than before.  I had
increased systems over time.  I really did not notice much until my
family pointed out here and there, they apeared slowly over months. 

had more headacks, major constipation and irregularity, extreemly sore
breasts, moody, feeling of great disparity at the end of my
cycle…Like jump off a clift emotional distaster, break through
bleeding, and a dull pain on my left side. 

I decided to re-research the Mirena and discoverd that it was a
synthetic hormone and learned the difference between the synthetic and
natural hormones.  I learned that progestrin is not the same as
progestrone.  I had the Mirena removed and immediately began to feel
better.  It has been only three weeks…But I can not believe the
difference.  I am now using Progestrone cream from Dr. Lee.

Keep informed and take charge of your own wellness!

Icon_missing_medium Enduringflight 2 posts

Dear mlnalfaro

I have read that saliva tests are more accurate than blood tests because thay show the level of hormones available to your system Check out:

Read read read… from various sources. Be sure to check the date and source of the information that you are reading.

Many Doctors are not aware of the saliva tests…


My Best to You!



Icon_missing_medium advocate 1 post

Menopause is a natural part of life and should not be a taboo subject! It is wonderful when this topic is covered in the mainstream, but the media has unfortunately caused as much confusion as help on the topic of menopausal treatment! It is crutial that a woman be informed of the potential benefits and risks associated with ALL hormone replacement products and discuss her options with her doctor. The subject of “bio-indenticals” and “synthesized” hormones is misleading. The “bio-identical” hormone they were referring to in the show is estradiol. Estradiol is the main circulating estrogen in pre-menopausal women. Estradiol is derived from plant sources. Since plants don’t have ovaries, the estradiol must be synthesized to create what is used in many pharmaceutical and compounded products. The “synthesized” estrogen they referred to is estrone. Estrone is the main circulating estrogen in post-menopausal women. It is derived from pregnant mare’s urine (it has been purified hundreds of times over – there is no urine in the final product!).

All forms of hormone therapy have the potential to greatly improve a woman’s symptoms and quality of life. At the same time, it is just as important to understand the potential risks associated with any systemically absorbed hormone therapy treatment. The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) was a landmark study designed to look at protective cardiovascular benefits of hormone therapy. The drugs used in the trial (Premarin – estrogen only, and Prempro – estrogen + progestin) were used because they had been the “gold standard” in care for almost 60 years. The study showed no increase in breast cancer in women taking only estrogen and an increase of < one woman per 1000 women in the estrogen + progestin group. While that number is small, it is important to know when deciding on hormone therapy. The scope of WHI was so large that the likelihood of anyone conducting a similar study to show superiority/inferiority of symtoms or safety is extremely unlikely. The FDA has stated that in the absence of this “comparable data”, ALL estrogens and progestins MUST be assumed to carry the same risks and benefits associated with them. This also includes birth control pills which contain a much higher level or hormones than hormone replacement therapy! Therefore, if you have a contraindication for hormone therapy (ie. history of breast cancer) DO NOT let anyone tell you that their product will not increase your risk unless they can show you a study with over 10,000 women followed for over 5 years – which they can’t. For women contemplating compounded products, be aware that estradiol levels in blood and saliva can change every few minutes.

Hormone therapy can be a wonderful treatment for many women. Talk with your healthcare provider about the best options for you based on your personal history and preferences. Be well and be safe!

Image001_medium ginah0125 1 post

can someone help me i was on a bio hormone for a month and a 1/2 and had a reaction my face swelled i was on a lotion and i loved it, is there pills or any thing else?? please help me some name and info thanks ginah

Icon_missing_medium janetc 1 post

Does anyone know if bio-identical hormones are available in Canada?

Icon_missing_medium mhunter865 1 post

I wasn’t able to see the entire episode but am totally intrigued. I have been in peri-menopause for years and am starting to get the sense that the real thing is here soon. Unfortunatley, I’m not a candidate for hormone therapy because of a blood clot history. Is a bioidentical hormone something I can take? The hot flashes, mood swings, lack of sex drive are driving me and my husband nuts! Info please!

Icon_missing_medium mickeysmom 3 posts

I urge you to check with a doctor or physicians assistant who prescribes the bio identicals.  If she understands your medical history it may be a good fit for you.  My own experience has been life changing—or should I say life returning.  The first night I started the bhrt, I had night sweats, the next night, none and I slept all night.  The following morning I woke up feeling fabulous with so much energy.  As the week went on, I was clear headed, and my libido returned.  I had a hysterectomy with removal or my remaining ovary so menopause was immediate.  The premarin helped some, but not with the night sweats, sleepless nights, foggy brain, loss of libido—come to think of it, it was worthless! LOL!  I have been on the bhrt for three months and I wouldn’t go back for anything!  

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