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I love the Doctors but will have to stop watching if they keep having people on the show giving medical advice like they are actual physicians.  I’ve been searching the internet for the last hour trying to find out if she has a medical degree… or any degree for that matter.  I don’t think it’s a good idea for someone to be giving out medical advice if they are not qualified.  Without knowing any better someone may actually think she is a doctor and take her advice.. Not to say she doesn’t have good advice, maybe she does who knows either way her advice is not based on her medical training it’s based on her life experiences.  Should I go on the doctors and start giving medical advice I have the same amount of knowledge, except I have a college degree and I’m still not sure she does. 

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Icon_missing_medium danii87 4 posts

I’m assuming you are joking auntwinkie, but why even bother posting that nonsense on here?

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Icon_missing_medium danii87 4 posts

UM I know what it is even though I’m only 22 and don’t have to worry about this now.  But like I said in my post I’m not a doctor and I think people should get medical info from doctors not people like Robin Mcgraw who have no medial training… you should probably discuss this with a professional if you want good information and you have questions.  If you are really curious look it up online or something.  I really thought all women knew what it was, I’m really just suprised.

Desert_landscape_medium dcase 2 posts

I watched the show, and I found what Robin McGraw had to offer to be very informative. I think I heard Robin say, more than once… that “this is what works for me,”. She also advised us to check with our own doctors, as everyone is different. I intend to discuss this with my doctor, as I have been dealing with every menapausal symptom-loss of libido, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, mood swings, tired all the time, depression and absolutely no get up & go at all. Although my family has been tolerant to a degree…they do not fully understand why, so I recorded the show so that they could watch it. My husband feels differently now, after watching the show. Now he sees that other women suffer with the same symptoms, and he will be more patient to try to help me research all possible remedies.

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The scariest thing is that when you try to talk to many doctors about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, they know way less than their patients! I am blessed to have a doctor who “gets it” and the BHRT has saved my life! I do, however, believe in reading books by doctors over reading books by “celebrities” (I had a compounding pharmacist tell me recently that the surest way to make your doctor mad is to pull one of Suzanne Somer’s books out of your purse when you broach the subject of BHRT, even doctors who are amenable to the protocol and are willing to prescribe to their patients think she’s a pain in the butt). Some of my favourite books include What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause by Dr. John Lee, The Woman’s Guide to Natural Hormones by Christine Conrad, and The Youth Effect by Dr. Ron Brown. I have a whole blog on BHRT and related women’s issues— and I am happy to help anyone find resources, educational materials, etc (I am not a medical professional and I will not give out medical advice, but a lot of women just need to be pointed in the right direction!)——my email is Best wishes to all for hormonal health, I know BHRT saved my life, this goes way, way beyond hot flashes and menopausal symptoms for me——I got off seven medications (including the antidepressants I had taken for years——I had a hormone deficiency, not an antidepressant deficiency)! The story of my personal journey is on the blog page.

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I watch The Doctors show almost every morning. I watched the show 8/10/09 regarding Menopausal issues staring Robin McGraw and am hopeful that I can have my life back. I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago and have been suffering with many issues since. I was taking Estratest, but went off it due to my fear of cancer. The hot flashes, the increased appetite and the loss of my libido are of major concern to my life and marriage. My situation is now so bad that I have been in a depression for over a year. I have started taking “Cymbalta”, but it interrupts sleep and I still have the hot flashes and loss of libido. Please help! I need some defined direction. My life is in limbo.

0005_medium holyhormones 43 posts

Hi cnovo (and everyone)——-sadly, your story is very common——-being put on an antidepressant is the common way that women are treated for hormone deficiencies. I heard it one time succinctly put by a bioidentical hormone replacement doctor “why can’t people figure out women at a certain stage in their lives have a hormone deficiency, not an antidepressant deficiency?” I’m not saying there isn’t a place for antidepressants, there most certainly is. I do know that once I started on bioidentical hormones three years ago, I was off six medications in less than a month, and was able to wean off my antidepressant within about 4-5 months (never, never, never just quit an antidepressant cold turkey——-and without supervision from a doctor!!!!!!) Bioidentical hormones saved my life, without question—-besides being off the medications, I am down 80 pounds from my high weight, and the hormones cured my restless leg syndrome, hot flashes, seasonal allergies and acid reflux. I am more than happy to help anyone find a doctor and/or compounding pharmacy in their area -— I have a whole list of resources --please shoot me an email to and I will get the list right back to you via email. I am so passionate about this issue that I have a blog dedicated to BHRT and related issues at I can also provide personal recommendations for a doctor in Southern CA (no, it’s not the Hall Center, this guy is in private practice, he is terrific, and he is a Board Certified Internal Medicine doctor——-to the best of my knowledge, Dr. Prudence Hall is not board certified, and that’s something I look for in a physician).

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