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How do you know if your Man is enjoying a BJ

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Img4_medium Sunsetlady 1 post

Hello:  I’m a S/DWF, 46 yrs old woman and recently became involved with a younger man (12 Years)! We both enjoy communicating about our likes and dislikes and we are a point he would very much enjoy me giving him a BJ!  However, I’m afraid to mention to him that I don’t have much experience in this area (my ex was fine without receiving a bj) and I’m afraid he will not enjoy it our/his first time. 

Can someone shed some light on how to give a good bj?  I would very much would like to hear from woman and man.

I was very hestiate to get involved with a young man…I guess I’m from the old school.  However, we get along really well, and our sex drive is extremely wonderful!  We just can not get enough of each other!  I as a 46 yr old feel really good about satisfing a younger man.   Any ladies or man are experiencing the same?  Please shed some light!

Thank you very much!


Chrissie051409_5_medium DavidsHunny 28 posts

experimenting is the best way i would say. Because every man likes it different (i’ve only done it for 2 long term relationships, but they both liked it quite differently). Just make sure to watch your teeth..this can hurt them, especially scraping..unless he tells you he likes it (some do). Good luck :). Most men love eye contact if its possible..I could give you other pointers but i want to air on the side of discretion as I know there are kids on here..feel free to email me if ya want, I have never had a complaint, be glad to share with you what I know based on my own experiences :)



Cassie_and_janna_medium Isis13 2 posts

Experimenting is the best way, but you could always ask him what feels good(he probably won’t be able to tell you) but it is worth a try. And never use your teeth, unless they ask, it could hust a lot. If you are really worried you can have him help you(putting a hand on your head ect.) and always remember never to stop if you feel him comming, it could ruin it for him.

Icon_missing_medium violet1977 12 posts

SunsetLady, I love giving my husband BJ’S. That is his favorite basically he loves it when I am stroking it up and down as I am giving him a BJ. I don’t want to sound too graphic sorry if I do. But also while I am doing him I carress his testies that really drives him crazy. He also loves it when I deep throat because he feels me all the way down to the core. All guys are diiferent and what might work for my husband may not work for your man, but you can try. Try not to scrape him with your teeth because that usually hurts them, he also tells me that he loves it when I concentrate on the head. Good luck hopefully that will work for you. You may also want to try watching some porno movies they can be very educational.  Good Luck

Chrissie051409_5_medium DavidsHunny 28 posts

um, can we PLEASE remember there are undeage kids on here? I dont want to be nasty, but that is definitly TOO graphic for a 14 year old to see and I KNOW there is a 14 year old on this forum, please use some decorum..maybee some private messaging would be a good idea docs?


Icon_missing_medium Kerri1424 1 post

Oh please knock it off with 14 years olds reading this. I mean really I bet a 14 year old could teach us a thing or two now a days. I have children and I do understand however, times changed and you can’t protect them from reading. If they have access to the internet they have access to much much worse then a few housewives talking about blow jobs……

Chrissie051409_5_medium DavidsHunny 28 posts

Sure and allowing it to them is a federal offense..there is a reason you have to be 18 to get girly mags, porn or smokes..I bet your one of the “responsible” parents that let kids party in the backyard and buy them alcoholic drinks right? Or are you the “responsible” parent that buys their cigarettes becasue they can’t? Brilliant, just brilliant, you be crying on another foum when your daughter is knocked up or your son knocks up another little girl or when they die of alcohol poisoning or a drunk driving accident with one of your kids as the drivers and cry “I dont understand why?!?!” please read this post, save it, print it..your ignorance is why…


Icon_missing_medium violet1977 12 posts

Thank you Kerri thats exactly what I was thinking. People are always trying to be so politically correct, nothing is is private anymore kids can get into everything now a days so quit making such a big deal about a 14 year old being on here.

Chrissie051409_5_medium DavidsHunny 28 posts

I didnt make a big deal out of 14 year olds being on here, I made a big deal out of supposed mature adult “mothers” and “women” talking rated X subject VOLUNTARILY in front of children. Quite a difference darling.Do you give bj’sin front of children too? Maybee make them an instructional video? I am finding it hard to bite my toungue, I think this forum needs some moderators.


Doc_thumb_medium TheDoctorsBo... 918 posts

Time to remind everyone that there is a person behind every screen
name. Let’s remember to address the topic without personally attacking
another member because their views are different from yours. We all can
learn a lot from everyone’s viewpoint, let’s try to keep this
discussion progressing in the manner intended. Thanks.

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