Dangers of Food Dyes?

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Jackrussellpuppy_medium beancounter 3 posts

I just missed the part of the Drs. episode where they discussed the dangers of food dyes – what did they say? My son has been allergic to red-dye since he was an infant, so I’ve known they are bad for you.

Icon_missing_medium winddancer 26 posts

They basically said that they are very bad, it’s difficult to get away from them, as they are in just about everything and we should be consumer smart.

Doc_thumb_medium TheDoctorsBo... 917 posts

Please view the EDITOR’S NOTE at the top of today’s SHOW SYNOPSIS.

Dsc00134_medium cricketchirp 1 post

I don’t think it is correct to say that a child is allergic to food dyes but to say they are intolerant. My little girl, 4, is terribly intolerant of Red #40, to the point that when she was 2 she wasn’t sleeping, was having horrible night terrors, itchy legs and was a major behavior problem. She would literally pound her head on a concrete or ceramic tile floor when she ingested red dye. It was horrific. I was pregnant with our second child and would just sob. I was still breastfeeding her because it was the only way to calm her. When we finally figured out it was the red dye it was after we hadn’t slept for 23 hours because she hadn’t, even with the benadryl we finally gave her to try to get some rest. What is the second ingredient in Benadryl? Red Dye #40, both my hubby and I realized what was going on at the same time. We had seen a Dateline episode about a child and the puzzle came together. Within 72 hours our sweet girl was back. I wish there were sleep studies done in conjunction with red dye. It is a horrible ordeal!

Livelaughlove_medium ethansmom05 1 post

Everyday items containing potentially dangerous dyes. There is mounting evidence that artificial food dyes can cause behaviorial problems, such as adhd. The additives, including yellow dye 5 and 6, can make children hyper. You should also stay away from caramel color which forms free radicals which affects your immune system and can potentially lead to cancer. It’s found in soda, bbq chips, gravy, caramel topping. Red #40 is banned in the UK. There have been studies that show some of these dyes can cause brain tumors in mice. Dr. Travis says “Just say NO to food dyes.”

Icon_missing_medium steverushlow 1 post

My wife, Misty, has been dealing with what I believe to be allergic reactions to caramel coloring. Every time she eats or drinks something with caramel coloring in it, she will end up getting the dry heaves. Some things we know for sure that have it in it, like dark pop and other things. But there are some things that we aren’t quite sure if it has caramel coloring until it sneaks up on us and makes her sick. At this time she has zofran that she can take for the symptoms but we aren’t sure if she will end up building a tolerence to it. If anyone can help us with this problem, that will be great.

Icon_missing_medium mandyjas 1 post

I’ve noticed that some of my cosmetics like body wash and hair conditioners have dyes in them as well. Are these dangerous to use too?

Icon_missing_medium katekate 1 post

I know food dyes, yellow 5 and red 40, are bad to consume. But are they bad in body lotions too?

2484_134171450321_580615321_6070894_6725_n_medium Dali77 5 posts

Ok. Just watched the Episode as well, and am a little confused by this segment – in particular – their comments about ‘CARAMEL COLOURING’.

Now, they said that caramel colouring is derived from petroleum! Surely, I thought, they must be wrong. Then I remembered that the new balsamic vinegar I just bought, has caramel colouring!

So I got interested and did a little bit of research, and it looks like caramel colouring can come from a WIDE variety of sources.

Can the Doctors, on an upcoming episode, here on these forums, or somebody else in general, clarify that caramel colouring isn’t necessarily just from petroleum. What are the other sources of the colouring when it comes to foods, drinks, vinegars, etc.?

I didn’t expect cola to be good for you, but are you seriously telling me that my ‘supposedly’ healthy balsamic vinegar has PETROLEUM BY-PRODUCTS in it?? Maybe I heard wrong, or misunderstood. Isn’t petroleum OIL drilled out of the ground? I believe maybe some misinformation was given today. Some research I’ve found states that caramel colouring mostly comes from corn! Now THAT would make more sense to me… carmelized corn syrup.

Can someone please clarify? Thanks, Dominick Ali, Toronto Canada

Icon_missing_medium donahue 1 post

i watched it and they said stay away from yellow 5,6 and red 40 and i missed the other red they said to stay away from. did anyone catch it


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