Wrong on The Blood Type Diet

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Sorry, but they are flat out wrong about The Blood Type Diet. I have been following this program for about 10 years (this is not a NEW diet as they claim, the book came out in 96 or 97) and have never been healthier. Not only did I lose the extra weight I had been carrying around, I went off blood pressure and thyroid meds. My medical doctor even recommends this for some of his patients.

I am very aware of health and nutrition and watch The Doctors every day, but I have to say this time they got it wrong.

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i have to say i love this diet and i even have my 2 year old on it he has type b and i stopped giving him corn and chicken and since then he has not been sick he only eats what is the diet says. I got my husband on it too and we only eat for out blood types and NONE of us are sick anymore. we may not be able to eat the same things but hey i love it and even my mother is starting to try the diet.

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I love the Doctors Show but they totally missed the boat on the Blood Type Diet. I have followed it since 1996. I lost 29 lbs and have kept it off. I am healthier- even the arthritis pain disappeared. I was so amazed at the results that I retrained as a nutritionist and now see great results for my clients. No blood type is missing any nutrients- they just get them from different foods. You should do more research before dismissing this valid diet.

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I have been on this diet since 1997 and my family and I have all thrived.
My 2 sons and I are all O’s and my husband is an A. My husband recently got his full physical tests back from his doctor, and the doctor couldn’t believe his numbers. DH’s 6 brothers and sisters all have high blood pressure and cholesteral problems and he doesn’t because he follows this diet.

Both my sister and brother have high blood pressure and pre diabetic conditions, they follow the SAD and have skin problems and sleep problems. My kids have not been sick in over 6 or 7 years, as a matter of fact, I keep getting notes from the teachers asking why they never get sick.

Before this diet, I had eczema and when I got sick (at least 1 per year) it would turn intro pneumonia.

Instead of bashing this WOL why don’t the doctors invite Dr. D’adamo to join them to explain why the diet works

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I think the blood type diet is an outstanding representation that we all do well on diets that are more individualized…and while some doctors..(which doctors..could we have their names, please)may have doubts about this diet..i’ve seen so many cases where if someone was not well..from being overweight to arthritus or fibromyalgia or mood issues…where this diet turned things around for that person that i hardly could think anyone could just dismiss this diet. High meat protein diets work for some people..mostly 0 blood type. Mediterranian diet works really well for blood type A. Its so obvious. And there has been an evolution of this diet to pinpoint even more precisely what foods each blood type should eat based on physical measurements, etc..(the genotype diet). I hope your dismissal of this diet isn’t representative of how you treat most of your subject matter..without much study or thought. 

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It appears that the doctors did not do their homework when they claimed that The Doctors conclude, there’s no scientific evidence that blood type has anything to do with digestion or body chemistry. The entire diet is based on that. Read the books, look around the website. There is more science behind Dr. D’Adamo’s methods than the majority of diets out there. I have been following this lifestyle for almost 10 years now. I would never look back. It is the way I eat and I am healthier for it.

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I agree with the other posters – I’m 51 & have followed the blood type diet for eleven years. Lisa obviously did not read much, as she made a clueless statement about the plan being wrong because “everyone needs omega-3s” – which is highly beneficial for every blood type. No one on the panel corrected her, so it makes one wonder about their research.

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I eat eat most foods only from the blood-type diet (exceptions though) and it keeps my weight down.. Don’t know if it is why but it is a healthy diet anyway, so I figure I might as well go by it (continue to).


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