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Headshotneutralback_001_medium cjassell 1 post

I was distressed to see a bunionectomy classified as a cosmetic procedure.  As a sufferer myself, I can testify to the fact that bunions hurt!  I also have difficulty finding shoes, but most importantly I will have a bunionectomy to allow me to wear any shoe without pain.

The doctor who did the surgery did point out that a procedure early in the bunion process will prevent future debilitation, but the jist of the story was the supposed cosmetic implications.

I hope no insurance companies were watching the show.  I am sure they would love to jump on the bandwagon of classifying this procedure as cosmetic and refusing reimbursement

Icon_missing_medium jayslady1118 1 post

WOW! I have to say, I am a young woman, who be genetics, have suffered from this for my whole life. I have seen a podiatrists to check into surgery, and was told it could take 6 weeks per foot to heal. This surgery is amazing! I would too love to be able to wear any shoe, not really specifically dress, or name brand, but just even these thong flip flops all the ladies seem to wear. However for myself, I have to find a wide, strap over my foot, to even stand a chance for sandals. GOOD JOB AGAIN DOCTORS! I hope in the future I will be able to get this done one day. As far as insurance is concered, I may be fortunate being a military spouse, and possible be able to do this procedure. On a final note, YES, BUNIONS ARE VERY, VERY PAINFUL!

Icon_missing_medium ChristineAnne 2 posts

I too have suffered from foot problems, as we age I thought it was just aging. I have an incredible shoe gallery!! But have not been able to wear most of them for years. I have even given up several years ago water-skiing, running, hiking because my feet hurt so badly. After watching your shoe today I realized that I have a problem that could and can be fixed. I am uninsured at the time as so mny American’s are but hopeful that in the near future I will be able to find someone where I live that will able to perform the sugery. Anyone know of such a Dr. in Colorado?

Icon_missing_medium Seattleviewer 1 post

I was disturbed by the bunion woman’s testimony about foot pain and not being able to find comfortable shoes. Who is she kidding, making herself into a victim who suffers from chronic footpain. Look at the pointy, narrow shoes she’s cramming her foot into? JUST BUY COMFORTABLE SHOES IN YOUR SIZE, bunion woman! If you are forcing your feet into strappy, pointy stilettos, you are gonna get bunions and a lot of other foot issues.

Of course, they are her feet ad she can do whatever she wants with them. It’s just irritating that she didn’t come out and admit that the surgery was strictly for vanity and is inflicting all the pain on herself by wearing inappropriate shoes. Somehow, the surgery seems okay if you pretend it’s to alleviate a chronic condition.

Icon_missing_medium tlmccloud 1 post

I myself just had bunion surgery, not for cosmetic reasons, and the recovery is far worse than what the gal on the show mentioned. I don’t know the difference between her’s and my surgeries, but anyone out there that is considering this type of surgery I would ask a lot of questions, my recovery time is at minimum, 9 weeks, no weight bearing for the first 6 weeks, and then a walking boot for the last 3 weeks. I am now a believer in GOOD shoes…

Icon_missing_medium ChristineAnne 2 posts

I have bunions because of years of standing on my feet. I guess I could have sat for an occupation but my work deals with standing and walking. Since I stood and walked for years as well as ran and walked for excercise my feet have widend with bunions. Shame on me, if I would have sat around then what would have widend? It is not only from wearing pointy toed shoes!!!!

Icon_missing_medium Dedicatedfan 5 posts

I recently had bunion surgery. It was definitely not cosmetic. I could hardly walk, and forget most shoes. I was down to crocs, and my steel toes. And even then it was tough. And I was told mine wasn’t near as bad as others. I can’t imagine how worse feet could walk. I am healed and my foot is great, and I havent’ tried too many shoes. Don’t want anymore pain. So I stay with the functional flat shoes. Cosmetic, no way.

Icon_missing_medium Dedicatedfan 5 posts

I read all the posts now, I NEVER was a fancy shoe wearer. Forget the pointy shoes, heels. My shoes consisted of runners, steel toes for work, and sandals. I went to crocs when my foot was so sore. The recovery for me was not as bad as the pain in every day walking with the bunion. Every one is different. If you suffer, go get it fixed, the relief from the pain is worth anything you have to go through. I have no pain in my foot now. And mine started and became painful in less than a year, by 2 years I was walking on the side of my foot, body posture crooked so that I didn’t have to put weight on that part of my foot. Surgery and recovery time inculding the pain was worth it.

Icon_missing_medium victoriaramsay 1 post

I have really bad bunions…I have been told by doctors that they are heriditary and due to a certain foot type and not caused by shoes or standing all of the time although some situations can certainly make the condition worse…I have always worn quality shoes and certainly don’t wear heels or pointed toe shoes.  I have seen one doctor who says I need surgery and I will get a second opinion (although they are really bad!)…is there physical therapy or are there any foot exercises that can help strengthen the area?  I can certainly attest to the fact that bunions can by horribly painful and dibilitating and certainly it is not a condition to be dismissed as cosmetic or by someone who has no clue and thinks one just needs to buy comfortable shoes and that will solve the problem.

Icon_missing_medium Dedicatedfan 5 posts

After my surgery I had to do physio so that I could
strengthen my foot, and be able to walk flat footed again.

Icon_missing_medium lovetennis 1 post

I had bunion surgery 10 years ago, it was painless back then also. I was outside playing tennis within 4 weeks. My recommendation is to seek out a podiatrist who does these surgeries quite often and is BOARD CERTIFIED.  Having bunions can be really uncomfortable as well as unattractive, the surgery was really not that big of an undertaking and receovery time ,I thought, was quick.



Icon_missing_medium monique99 2 posts

What was the name of a doctor, who gracefully performed bunion surgery on the show?

Doc_thumb_medium TheDoctorsBo... 918 posts

Podiatrist Dr.
Ali Sadrieh

Icon_missing_medium monique99 2 posts

Thank you TheDoctorsBoard!

Me_medium granny417 4 posts

I’m not so worried about looks, but it might be nice to be able to wear attractive shoes to Church.
I have extremely painful bunions, more so on my right foot. I would love to be able to walk for exercise, or just for necessity, for more than a few minutes at a time. I can’t even wear walking shoes, due to the pain. I can’t wear any heel at all, even the type on flats. I really have to search for shoes (try to do online, as I can’t shop very long at a time) that aren’t extremely ugly to wear to Church, which are totally flat on the bottom.
This is a genetic problem. I have had extremely flat feet all my life, and bunions, to some degree, almost as long as I can remember. My doctor told me I should have surgery, but I have too many daily obligations, that require driving and walking (a little), I don’t know when I will ever get time for the recovery period.
I even bought some of those “As Seen on TV” Pampered Toes, and they do seem to help some, for a little while. I wonder if there is any type of orthopedic item which might help this problem.

Icon_missing_medium Dedicatedfan 5 posts

Have the surgery. Take care of yourself. Your feet are only going to get worse. I waited for a short time to get the surgery. In that time, the surgery got more complicated, as did recovery. And the pain, it was terrible. Like you walking, shopping, any shoes, especially heels just made it extreme. All the daily requirements that you have can wait for a few weeks till you can do it again. You need to take care of you.

Icon_missing_medium tkostelic 1 post

Have the surgery! Mom my waited too long and paid the price. I had my right foot done at 40 with two small kids. It was a difficult recovery but I am a runner and still run 30 miles a week. The left foot is straing to hurt and I will have the surgery whe it is time. Prepare… and do it! You want a board ceritified surgeon. Try a foot and ankle orthoedict specialsit

Icon_missing_medium karen55 1 post

I saw this show about bunions and made an appointment. It was a foot specialist who doesnt do this procedure, and says the recovery is not that fast. I cant be off my feet 3 mos. but I hate this pain. Would love to wear heels pain free…maybe Ill just have to go to Dr. Sadrieh…

Icon_missing_medium LauraK 1 post

My feet hurt! I hardly ever wear heels anymore and I have a wedding to go to. I am having a lot of difficulty finding shoes that don’t hurt. My bunions are hereditary and can be extremely painful. I’m a nurse so I’m on my feet a lot. I wanted to see the before and after pictures from this episode regarding the bunion surgery. I was a little put off when they said this woman was doing this for cosmetic reasons. But when I saw the before and after photos when it aired, it was obvious she has a much better functioning foot. I’m ready to call a surgeon! Would have been nice to see this video segment to the end but the video stops before they show the realignmend of the bones in her feet. To walk like normal people do, with out so much pain! That would be wonderful!

Icon_missing_medium Mike Kalish 1 post

I had bunion surgery on July 8, 2009, my first surgery ever. I was able to bear weight immediately and was back to work on July 13, fully ambulatory and without pain. On July 16, the bandages were removed and I was back in shoes. On July 18 I was able to get back on my bicycle and pedal 45 miles with no pain. My doctor told me that mine was a relatively simple bunionectomy, but I think even he is surprised at the recovery. In less than two weeks, I am completely back to normal life with only a tinge of tenderness and swelling at the surgery site. I am a 63 year old man and have had this bunion most of my life. It only recently started to hurt.

Icon_missing_medium Kathie Curtin 1 post

In defense of the woman who had bunion surgery to make her feet fit in heels, I have bunions that I will have surgery on not because of the way they look; but, because of the way that the bunions misalign toes, it’s impossible to get shoes, even sneakers to fit comfortably. I wear comfortable crocs because they are shaped wide in front and can be worn without the strap in back. Shoes that are wide enough,
are usually so much longer than I need, that they cause
pain in the front and blisters in the back from sliding up and down.

Icon_missing_medium MrsEspinoza 1 post

Bunions are no joke. I suffer from them due to genetics. I have look and look for years to see if any insurance would cover the procedure and not one did util I married into military. It was a prayer answered. I had bunions since the age of 5 and fitting into shoes was hell. The years went by and the only shoe I can wear is flip flops due to the agony and pain any shoe causes to my bunions. The recovery time for my surgery is worth it and I can’t wait to be able to pick up my almost 2 year old child and be able to keep up with her. Wearing any shoe at all will be my reward.


000_0004_medium wolffriendinus 1 post

I have had bunions my entire life, 26 years. There is absolutly nothing cosmetic about the surgery. Yes, she is imposing a small amount of pain on herself by wearing the shoes she does, but a lot of the pain is from the way the bones are.

The rough translation of bunionectomy is “removal of an abnormal bone protrusion on the foot.” The keyword here being abnormal.

I’m going to have the bunionectomy done, hopefully very soon, and on both feet at the same time. I know that I won’t be able to walk out of the hospital.

Is it possible there will be a correction on the show?

100_6267_medium miranda234 27 posts

i remeber i had bunions im now 15 i got them done when i was 11 and 12 on each foot it was great my feet got fixed before i use to fun and fall all the time but now i can run but i have to get a physcal to see if i can do track and cross crounty.. sucks but i like running. im happy i got the sugry:) my doctors name was doctor tiss. [i might have spelled the name wrong]

Canon_048_medium MVPCMC 1 post

I am a 48 year old female. I have had bunions for most of my life. My father had them and my brother and I inherited them. The hurt mostly in the winter time. My son calls them knots! Gee thanks. I need to have them removed but have no insurance. Would be nice to be painless.

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