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Icon_missing_medium hardy 5 posts

hey all. i enjoyed todays show,i was very interested in hearing what they had to say about the whole body vibration machine…does anyone have any comments on this topic such as any info,i hear it has great health benefits.i would like to know if anyone knows somone that has tryed this for weight loss?

Icon_missing_medium Theodore 3 posts

Boy that machine seemed incredible. I see that FBE is across the street from the La Brea Tar Pits. Gotta get on it.

Icon_missing_medium HealthySpirit 4 posts

Would someone explain what this machine is, what it looks like, how it’s used, etc.? I am visually impaired, so when they showed it on the show, I really didn’t have an idea of what it was doing. Thanks.

Icon_missing_medium Theodore 3 posts

it’s essentially a metal plate that you stand on. The plate is about 3 feet long and 2 feet wide. It’s got hand rails that allow you to hold on, and a button pad that’s posistioned in front of you, so the entire machine is about elbow high. The plates simply vibrate. You control the amount of vibration to suite you. It’s actually pretty simple.

Lioness_medium Mzvon 1 post

Well, it certainly is a machine of GREAT interest. I saw this machine also on “Extra” I believe also. Hard to believe it exersizes your body in the manner that they claim. Just sounds wayyy too easy. Anyway, even if it actually works in the way described (i.e. only 10 min equals 1 hour of running..), how many people have access to, and can actually afford this machine itself, or the spa membership? Not a whole lot.

Icon_missing_medium hardy 5 posts

i have a friend that has one and she loves it, it cost her 16 hundred dollars.heres the link that will explain more….…

Icon_missing_medium vitality1 3 posts

The one issue I take exception to on the program today is saying that 10 minutes of WBV therapy is equal to 1 hour of jogging. It is known among the WBV community that 10 minutes is equal to 1 hour of light to medium weight training, not cardio. Blood flow is increased by muscle contraction not a raised heart rate. It is why WBV therapy is used in hosipitals and clinics.

It’s really important for people to do their research about WBV Therapy. There is a lot of bad machines, poorly constructed and promising the same results as the commercial machines. There is a reason why commercial machines cost over 10,000. dollars….. a great site for info is At this site they discuss the positive and negatives with a fairly impartial take on WBV. What to look for in a machine and a studio. Like any piece of exercise equipment, in the wrong hands with the wrong techniques there is a big chance of injury. Also like most work out programs, for some it is recommended to consult a physician before beginning WBV therapy. There are tremendous benefits to a well guided WBV program.

Icon_missing_medium vitality1 3 posts

Just to add a bit more. Like any exercise, technique is so important, for example on the show, the trainer had Fran and the Dr. do a squat. I’m sure Chiropractors were cringing at the knee postition. When doing a squat be sure to not have your knees beyond the end of your toes as to avoid putting to much stress on the knee joint. Never have straight legs or arms….again to avoid joint damage.

Icon_missing_medium Ranch 2 posts

My wife has one she paid about 5 or 6 hundred dollars for and she loves it. They do have more expensive machines too.

Icon_missing_medium Ranch 2 posts

A key to, my wife says, is the oscillation action…

Icon_missing_medium Gym Rat 1 post

This technology works! I have lost several inches and feel dramatically better in a very short period of time. Before you go out and buy a machine, understand you get what you pay for! I have used several models and some of the less expensive ones I would not recommend. Frequency and amplitude are very important. I encourage everyone to try them for a period of time before making the purchase. Check with your local health clubs as some are offering the use of this technology. I live in the Seattle area and I know of two health clubs offering WBV, Eagle Fitness in Kent, and Bella Forme in Mill Creek. As a matter of fact Bella Forme uses only WBV with some other technologies to increase results while reducing time and effort.

Icon_missing_medium Bradd 6 posts

I use one of these at my gym and I love it. I also use the “oscillating” type of vibration as it is much better and safer then the “planer type” of vibration that Power Plate uses. There is not a lot of gyms that have them though. I have been looking at buying one for my home . It was really funny listening to Fran talk on the machine!! LOL She is great!


Icon_missing_medium hardy 5 posts

im still not so sure on what speed to put it at,i have bought one and i have heard that 1 to 20 is for weight loss,i find that when i put mine to 12 or 13 it shakes me more. the one that i bought is called t-zone vibration machine. i payed 16 hundred for mine,i love the feelin when you get off it it makes you feel that you have lots of energy. i have been doing my arms on it by sitting down on it then puttin my arms beside my bottom on the does work the arms really good,so ill see if theres any results to come from it.ialso did the exercise that fran did on it the one where your on your tippy toes and kinda squatin on it,it does work my calves! if anyone used this machine if love to hear the feed back on what exercises you do and what speeds.

Icon_missing_medium vitality1 3 posts

I’ll repeat….check out for info on machines, training, the pros and cons. It’s a very useful site and has lots of info on why to avoid certain machines. To answer your question about foot position. It is very important to know where to put your feet. On a osillating machine, foot position determines amplitude. Combined with the freq. of vibration this produces a number of things to happen internally. Again this is why it is important to talk to a trained WBV technician. The studies you read about have these kind of control mechanics in place.

Icon_missing_medium Theodore 3 posts

There’s a lot of different things out in the world, but the pro model on the show is the best. Rather than pay thousands for a machine, find on at a spa near you and just pay a user’s fee. FBE is in Los Angeles. That is what the show said.

Icon_missing_medium Bradd 6 posts

I ended up buying a machine from and got it yesterday. Works great. I will let you know how I do on it.

Icon_missing_medium Bradd 6 posts

My wife and I are really loving our new vibraslim vibration exercise machine. It really gives you a full workout and fast. We both are seeing improvement in our muscle tone already. Our friends keep on showing up to use it! LOL

Icon_missing_medium kpkathy 1 post

I know this has to work. By riding on rough terrain on a motorcycle, I found my mucscle tone was improving and losing weight. Since I cannot do exercises that require 2 good knees (surgery gone bad -staph), this might be an option. Thanks for the info and everyones input.

Icon_missing_medium lyndielou 1 post

There is quite a bit of info out there on whole body vibration. Types of machines vary greatly. Most of them concern me from a safety perspective. I saw a PowerPlate demo’ed in person and I wouldn’t dream of stepping on that. The body builder that showed me at a gym even had to hang on.

There is one manufacturer that makes a safe therapeutic WVV machine: Avant Wellness Systems. ( They do a good job of explaining the various types of machines on their site.

I have been doing a clinical trial on Avant’s Theravibe machine. I’ve had a frozen shoulder and haven’t slept though the night in months. After my second 10-minute session I sleep like a baby. Three weeks into my sessions I’m regaining my range of motion and noticing my body being toned, which thrills me. I know that this type of vibration therapy is used often in conjunction with body wrapping and it makes sense that it would speed up weight loss/inch loss because of it’s circulation benefits.

Icon_missing_medium Gabept 1 post

Great to see this science brought to light in the US. It’s been around for over 30 years. I have used it in my practice and it has been amazing from both a therapeutic and training standpoint. 

Fran-drescher-nanny-5_medium sistersue24 4 posts

i loved today’s show….fran looks amazing at her age..i cant believe she will be 52 come september…she looks the same as she did on the nanny….she is my idol…i hope to meet her someday

Icon_missing_medium oshalinz 4 posts

I’m excited to try this out!! I know where I live they have these machines in tanning salons. You buy minutes the same as you would for a tanning bed. I think its a great way to try it out without having to invest the money in buying one right away. I know quite a few people who are trying them out in the salons (there is a waiting list to get an appointment) and are seeing results!

Icon_missing_medium albsmith 1 post

I was exited more when i heared about whole body vibration therapy and its result throug my friend. How fast it can reduce calories friends? could anyone clear my doubt? and i wanna buy good Vibration Plate immediately. I dont want to clear my doubts with store owners since they may give some wrong information just to sell their product.

If anyone had an experience with WBV pls share your result and feedback with me.. Am waiting here :)

Icon_missing_medium williamjone 2 posts

Yes, I’m doing vibration therapy everyday for past 6 months with the help of Vibration Machine sponserd by topsport.

In topsport, they providing good quality vibration plate in machine.

There is no side effect of using it. 

Icon_missing_medium williamjone 2 posts

A nice show about Vibration Machine. Really i enjoyed a lot

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