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Where are the Full Episodes

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Icon_missing_medium smpolley 3 posts

Where are the full episodes of past shows? You would think that the button called Episodes would take you a page where you can view the whole episode but instead it is just promo spots. I missed a show and wanted to catch up. I tried searching for a rebroadcast on Tivo but there were none. Doctors please post full episodes at least change the button and links to say videos not episodes because it is misleading. I drove myself crazy clicking and trying to find the acutal full episodes. Thanks.

Moderatoricon_medium TheDoctorsBo... 1471 posts

Unfortunately at this time we do not have full episodes available to view online.  We do have a synopsis, photo gallery, and related resourses for each episode and transcripts are also available.

Icon_missing_medium smpolley 3 posts

Yes I see you have everything but the episodes under episodes. I hope that you will consider just putting the episodes online soon. Your site is very good but without those you are missing an opportunity to get new viewers. When people share with one another that they saw a show that would help out a loved one or friend most people want to see that show not read the transcript or see photos. I can see how both the transcript and photos are helpful but the actual episodes would be key. I thank you for all you do and for replying to the post. I have put the show on season pass for Tivo so I do not miss it again.

Dolphinkiss_medium gerockies 1 post

I missed the episode with Jillian Michaels, because we were having a blizzrd here in Denver and they had the news on all day.  I was wanting to watch it online but can’t find it anywhere.  

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You can find information from the Jillian Michaels show on the SHOW SUMMARY page.  There are also video clips from the show!  To locate the one you’re looking for, go to EPISODES at the top of the page and select either Today’s Show, Shows this Week, or Archives for previous shows. Locate the show and click on the picture, then select Show Synopsis, Related Resources, and/or Special Thanks.

L_5eee1e06725ef4bf74def5be900bc307_1_medium cstytle25 1 post

i missed todays episode on teens and drugs and i really wish you could post it on there i think that it is a really important thing for people to see

Doc_thumb_medium TheDoctorsBo... 917 posts

For more information on today’s show please visit the SHOW PAGE. The SHOW SYNOPSIS will give you a detailed description on the topics discussed. In the SPECIAL THANKS and RELATED RESOURCES sections you will find valuable information related to the show and it’s features. You can also purchase a TRANSCRIPT.

Gene_1-12-11_medium Genoteleno 1 post

I totally agree, in this age of information and the way videos are now being offered on line in full, this site should get this worked out. You can make them only available to ones who have registered on this site, if this works for you… but by all means get the vids here on line!

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Icon_missing_medium Ritter 1 post

Unfortunately, it has been frustrating to me that I’m not able to watch
full episodes online.  Others in the house use the DVR for their shows
also… for hockey games, football games…etc… all in HD which takes
much of the memory…. So I’m not going to fill it with ALL episodes of
the Doctors, because some don’t interest me.  And I’m not going through
the listings to pick and chose which ones to record… that’s gone with
the VCR days.  Really, Really…. it’s almost 2011… It must be about
money, what other reason would there be not to do so…you must be SELLING
your transcripts.  …come on, get with times!

Icon_missing_medium derosja 1 post

I agree I work 4 nights a week and one morning so I miss one episode every week.  It would be nice to be able to view it instead of reading it.  every other television show that I watch in the morning I can catch online when i get home from work except this one.

Misc kcpixie 1 post

I would love to be able to watch full episodes of the show on line. I work during the day and never get to see the show unless I happen to get a day off during the week and thats a rare occasion, but when I do- I have so many things to get done. I only get to catch advertizements, really want to watch but i dont have dvr so it’s almost impossible. Also you should consider this has been a request since at least Feb. of 09 by looking at the forums. Please think about the viewers that are really intereted in what you have to say. I mean we are taking our free time and searching for ways to veiw full episodes, so you know we are interested and it’s just unavailable to us. and as i read in another post – the transcripts just arent the same. It cant be about the money at this stage. if its a contract issue, well bring it up – see what you can do to negotiate a change. hoping you’ll keep all of us in mind, that dont get to see you at reg. times. THANX

Ch_medium CornelH 35 posts

I was very pleased when I accidentally caught the first half of today’s show with the fabulous four doctors. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high only to be disappointed by a segment with Jillian. I happened to be watching a delay of the broadcast on my DVR as it comes on right after the View. Unfortunately, I accidentally lost the 2nd half of the broadcast so I wasn’t able to see if the rest of the show was as good as the first.

One thing that I noted is my tremendous respect for these doctors (along with countless other faithful viewers). It was wonderful to see them giving their professional perspectives of the Conrad Murray trial. THAT is the direction that the producers should take with this program. The Doctors should always be current with their medical researched evaluation of current medically related news stories (which there are a lot of) along with the variety of other medical topics that they cover. This reminded me of the show that I have come to love. I inadvertantly discovered how much I really love these doctors.

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