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Icon_missing_medium Shadamae 3 posts

I’m not a victim of domestic abuse but I was many years ago. First thing I see with this app is that is focuses on women being unsafe not men or children. Another thing is that this app appears to only be for android phones? You have to download it from Google Play app. So anyone who has an iPhone or non android phone can’t even download it. Very sad about that. I certainly hope they market this for all smartphones. It sounds like a great start though. Also this app could possibly help kids who are threatened by bullies or their own parents. It could so much more than it is right now. Please work on getting this app to work with ALL smartphones.

Icon_missing_medium shawn 2 posts

agree completely

Icon_missing_medium Lwall2264 1 post

I agree that we need the app for the iPhones! I was talking to friends today they were all wanting this but all had iPhones . I

Img_1267_medium donnelleiden 1 post

I would love to have this app, but I have an iPhone and I cannot get the app.  Is there something that can be done so all of us women who do have iPhones can get this app?

Icon_missing_medium Shadamae 3 posts

I think it’s very disappointing that they all spoke of it as a smartphone app “for your smartphone”. Also said "just download it to your smartphone. Boy did they miss a huge audience and also disappoint them too. Also gave a lot of women some false hope for safety. Robin, you need to fix this for the women and others who need this!!

Icon_missing_medium gramckr1 3 posts

I actually just found this app in itunes for Iphone. I am going to check it out and see how it works. I am completeing my MS in counseling and plan to work with Domestic Violence and those that have gone through abuse and this would be a good resource for them.

I have tried two different numbers setting the app up, but it would not call either number. Tried several times.

Icon_missing_medium Shadamae 3 posts

I what is the name of the app in iTunes? I have trouble finding it because it seems to be somewhat discreet – I understand why though. 

Icon_missing_medium gramckr1 3 posts

It is called Aspire News. I can get it loaded and says it is working, but I set two different Safe Contact numbers, not niether people where called. I have sent messeage to the creators but have not heard from them yet. I will keep you updated on here.

Doc_thumb_medium TheDoctorsBo... 918 posts

The app is now available in iTunes for the iPhone, it’s called Aspire News.

Icon_missing_medium gramckr1 3 posts

yeah, we got that, the issue is to get it working.


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