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Tubes tied feel pregnant but negative test

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I am 23 years old and have a 5 year old son. I have never had my tubes tied so I’m not exactly in your precise situation but I have while searching found several other forums where women are having the exact same thing, whether tied or not. I have been having the very recognizable feeling of a child rolling in my abdomen for at least a month. I can lift my shirt while lying on my back and see what to me looks like a knee rolling across my abdomen. I have also lactated milk on 3 separate occasions (once unfortunately in my eye). I know without a doubt I am not pregnant. I haven’t gained any weight, size one, and my stomach is flat so I know there is no way a child developed enough to create that kind of show could be hiding in there. I have morning sickness symptoms. Excessively tired, frequently hormonal, and a tender cervix. I have heard about your brain fooling your body into believing it’s with child, but I don’t think that applies to me because I’m not trying to conceive or desire to have a child right now. I have every symptom I had when I was 6 months pregnant other then the actual child in my womb. I’m to the point where I’m quite scared. I know it isn’t gas, constipation, or an alien so I’m at a loss over what could possible be the cause of this. 

Has anyone else had any other symptoms or things non-pregnancy like happen to them? My lymph nodes in my groin became enlarged this last February and since the nodes in my spleen, neck, and adenoid tissue have all become swollen as well. I’m working on getting checked for Lymphoma and Leukemia, but this latest development doesn’t fit either scenario. Although the abdomen movement didn’t start until more recently, in the last year I have taken 8 pregnancy tests (all negative) because I just ‘felt’ pregnant. I’ve had two pelvics and have no infections, miscarriages that failed to pass, or anything abnormal at all. Also since my stomach starting moving my sex drive has tripled, just like my pregnancy with my son.

I’m glad to know on some level that I am not the only one laying awake at night staring at my active stomach wondering what the heck is going on, but I’m disappointed no one who wasn’t pregnant had a quality physician that was able to solve this mystery. Good luck ladies and if during any of my testing I discover anything I will be sure to come back and share it.

Ffire8_medium sapphire218 1 post

Hello Ladies, I want to reply to this topic also…I’m 52 years old and had my tubes tied and burned after my last child who is now 24, (28 years ago)….I have also been feeling some crazy movement like a baby kicking in my ribs, my stomach is bloated, which looks like a pregnant stomach and back pain…I just had an endoscopy done and the doctor told me that there was some inflamation going on in my stomach and took a sample to determine if there was some organisms there…I’ve been told that you could get parasites which cause movement, (sounds gross) but there is no way I could even be pregnant because I had an Endometrial ablation which is the removal or destruction of the endometrium (lining of the uterus) done in 2003…I have had no period since that was done. At the time that I went to the gynecologist, I was told that I did have a cyst on my ovarie and that it was tilted….So, what I am saying is that maybe, other test need to be done as well…and that this apparently is not an uncommon thing…Could be bacterial infection in the stomach…

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Great to know that I am not the only one having issues with this stuff and doctors. My story goes like this… I am 33 and have had 3 kids and my tubes were tied over 13 years ago. January thru May (5 months) I missed my period. All tests were negative. I went to the doctor and described my symptoms… Tired, missed period, movement in stomach area (could be seen and felt), belly getting bigger, and some pains with the movements, heartburn. These are all the same symptoms that I had with all my other pregnancies. She did her tests and found nothing. She wasn’t worried until she listened and pushed on my belly and asked if I would go see an OBGYN. I went and there had another pregnancy test and it was also negative. They didn’t seem to concerned about what was goin on with me but asked to do a trans-vaginal ultrasound. I let them and they discovered what they called 2 cysts one on each ovary. They scheduled me for a follow-up and I have not returned for it. Their disconcern in the first place is what pushed me not to want to go back.

Since then it has been 2  months and the movements are still there. They have gotten more FREQUENT and more PAINFUL. My husband tells me everyday to go to the doctor but I tell him NO they didn’t seem concerned in the first place and we will just wait to see what happens.

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i’m happy i found this site w/ this thread on it. i had a tubal ligation done 8 years ago… 3 months after my daughter was born.  with in the past 8 years, i have gotten divorced and remarried. My husband has no children of his own, but i have 2 already.  we would like to have at least one child together. but anyway… for about the past month i would say, i have been feeling that fluttering feeling and everyone has mentioned something about. my periods are usually pretty on time, but last month it started a day early and on the day it was supposed to start, it was REALLY heavy and the next day, it was spotting. this month, it was 3 days late and has been more or less like the end of a period… not too too light, but not real heavy either. i took a pg test w/ the results coming out negative, but i am still feeling the fluttering feeling. i KNOW the feeling is not gas, it’s too low to be gas. and my belly seems to be growing and sticking out. have a hard time butting my pants and feeling comfortable in them once they are buttoned. i have been feeling really tired all the time lately as well. my husband i think thinks i’m crazy in the head sometimes when i say something to him about what i am feeling, but he “goes” along w/ the idea. i just don’t know what to think. we have no insurance so therefore can’t afford to go to the doctor right now. and plus… i am an american but out of the country, so going to a doctor who i can’t understand is a scarey thought as well… especially with a pregnancy.

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hello eveyone I feel like i can relate to your topics because i am feeling the same thing all of the sudden.. im 26 and had my tubes tied 3 ys ago and been having regular periods but all of the suddent i been feeling these feelings really bad cramping and movement in my tummy, I do feel like i gained weight but husband seems to think its gas or its in my head  .. i swear men never undestand.. i feel slight movement and nausia to everything i eat, i just had my period a week ago, i made an appointment with my dr but i guess i just have to wait.. can anyon let me know if you had any answer?

please this is frustraiting not knowing whats going on ughh……

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I had my tubes tied 7 years ago and now I have missed 3 periods and then had it for two days that was hardly anything and missed my last one.  My stomach looks huge and it’s hard, tender brests and I think I feel fluttering. I took a home test and it was negative.  My stomach feels full all the time and keeps getting bigger. I go tomorrow to my dr and I’m going to ask for a blood test but I seen others had blood test still be negative.  If mine is negative then something has to be wrong with me cause I loo 3-4 months pregnant and my belly is hard and tender breasts.  Any input?


143_medium Katyminiard 2 posts

I had my tubes tied 7 years ago and now I have missed 3 periods and then had it for two days that was hardly anything and missed my last one.  My stomach looks huge and it’s hard, tender brests and I think I feel fluttering. I took a home test and it was negative.  My stomach feels full all the time and keeps getting bigger. I go tomorrow to my dr and I’m going to ask for a blood test but I seen others had blood test still be negative.  If mine is negative then something has to be wrong with me cause I loo 3-4 months pregnant and my belly is hard and tender breasts.  Any input?


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Hello, I’m new to this site, but I have to admit I have found this topic very interesting. I am 34 years old and my tubes have been tied for 7 years. I have 6 children. 5 vaginal and normal. My 6th was invetro while my tubes were tied and he is a healthy almost 3 yr old. I have alot of the same syptoms and I DO NOT wish to be pregnant again. I am very expirienced with pregnancy syptoms and have been expiriencing the phantom baby movements in my stomach for about 2 months. It sounds very crazy to think I have a baby in me that would be around 4-5 months (which is the average time frame for baby movement) but i believe anything is possible. I have had horrible periods for the past year and recently (6 mo or so) they have been worse. I bled for 75% of Feb and rejoiced when I stopped last week.  Yesterday at work I felt such a big move in my stomach that it scared me. This morning I started bleeding alot and had a mucus substance that came out. I as well feel as tho there is something sitting on my girl parts. Heavy pressure. Im more scared that it is something falling out. I consider myself young still but think my body has gone thru so much with having 6 children. Any advice you can give will be appreciated. I called my OBGYN and made an emercency appt today. I don’t know what to think, my mind is going 500 miles an hour and I have crazy ideas of what it could be. PLEASE HELP?

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Hello, I am 33 I have three wonderful boys. I had my tubes cut and burned 12 years ago. I have missed my period the last 2 months. I have heartburn,gas,white discharge,and I feel bloated. I took several pregnancy test. They were all negative. I dont have any pains that are not normal. I go to the doctor on Monday bc I have never experienced this unless I was pregnant. I feel a little stupid thinking I am. Because I do have my tubes done. But I am thinking if I am not then something is wrong. I have had cyst problems since I have had my tubes tied. But never had these symptoms and I have never missed a period. So I am thinking it could be possible to be pregnant. Would do any of you think?


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Im not sure what to do here,Im posting off my cell phone. Im a mother of two healthy girls (4&2) and I have my tubes tied now 10 months ok after I had my third child (a boy who passed away at 8 months). My periods have been crazy since my tubes were tied they were coming on the exact same day,then i missed one took apregnacy test it came back negatove,then the next month it came but late,missed another month,then bled two days barely then stopped

for twobweeks then started again. My breast are way larger than after I had my children,I have heartburn like crazy (and I never have heartburn),and I work in a nursing home and no smell used to bother me,now I can barely do anything without getting nausous. Ive taken three pregnancy test and theyve all been negative. Ive even had peopele make comments 


17820_10151333112746437_871130383_n_medium sweetybaby8908 1 post

my mom is having the same problem

20130418_115002_medium ms shay 1 post

I been having movement in my stomach and my lower abdomen is a num feeling my lower back achhes sometimes I have to stretch a lot my tubes been tied not sure if burn or detach  for 8 years going on 9 iam 32 years of age and I been going crazy the end of the year I had the movement my obgyn said it was as my uterus floating around and it felt like I was 4 months pregnant he then did a vaginal ultra sound and it was was nothing he told me all the chance if I was and how much it cost to have it reverse then he told me to considered for a hysterectomy and I denied time has pass my cycle is normal it just change the date on me but this pass cycle was painful at the end I had a pain so bad like I had to use the restroom but I couldn’t go and every time I tried to get up I had these contraction feeling pain so I sat a little longer than I felt a slimmy liquid coming out of me and heard a bloop in the water I stood and look it was a big blob og blood after that I just been nausea but haven’t actually vomited I just been feeling more movement and can’t lay on my belly nor my left side it feels like something is in my right side  I took 2 hpt and one was a faulty the other was negative and that’s what im not getting is do it show up in the urine if tubes are tide or do your cycle stops or what im confused but I know how I’m feeling and want to be taking pain pill or drinking if i am .

20131026_133107_edit0_medium Destinyhurry 1 post

Hi I have been going through the same as well I got my TL in 2004 and as of now I have not seen my cycle in three months the doctors don’t know whats wrong I have just got to the point where I won’t even go to the doctors any more I just really need help I am losing my mind. Every night for the past four minths I have the same dream over and over of me being pregnant I really don’t know if that mean anything at all.

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Hello Readers I have an intersting story… I am a 26 year old women and i am a proud mother of two little boys. I had my tubes tied in 2009 after my C-Section.I have had regular periods and no symptoms of pregnancy.

October 2013 i was vomiting every day, i was having difficulties with my “period” i was clotting large, dark clots with tissue looking textures to it.  I have had a miscarriage before in 2003 and i know what they feel like and look like. I knew this is what i had went through. I was vomiting every day, and was having my period like normal but i was having a miscarriage. I went in to consult my doctor ( new doctor) and he laughed at me and said he had not seen a women get pregnant with her tubes tied in his 40 years in the field. When he left the room to test my pregnancy test i could over hear him talking to the nurse. She had asked him  if it was a possible positive…. He comes into my room and says its a possibility i was miscarrying. After seeing him he scheduled blood work which came out normal, and scheduled an ultra sound. I did not make it to this appt because they never called me to schedule as he had said. 

Since then i have had no issues periods went to the norm and i was feeling ok. Until this month (January) i am feeling sick to my stomach ( not actually vomitting), breast tenderness, migraines, very tired, still having a period but it will start one day and be off the next, and i am actually feeling some kind of MOVEMENT… It is freaking me out. I have done two -pregnancy tests and both negative. When i was having my miscarriage my prenancy test was negative then too. Someone help, i feel like i am compeletly insane. I have done a lot of researching on this topic because i have been obsessing over it. I see a lot of other women also saying the same symptoms, feeling like they lost thier minds, gaining weight, tummys harder, and tubes are tie etc.

I am scheduled to see a doctor soon. I know people can imagain symptoms if they want a kid, but i know in October what i was dealing with was real.


Some say it could be gas, bowel movements etc… But this feels like a baby. Its right above my pubic hair right where a fetus would be. I dont know what to do. As i said i feel insane, but im so glad i am not alone.


Any advise? Thanks!

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