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Does anyone know where I can find information about today’s show and this topic…There is nothing I can find on their website and they just talked about it today

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Accupunture took away the severe ringing in my ears!

Icon_missing_medium Mordy 2 posts

Im 20 years old and have been diagnosed with tinitus following a severe ear infection that lingered for 3 weeks. I have been to several ENT’s including Dr. Michael Seidman who is the head of the Tinitus Center at the Henry Ford Medical Center in West bloomfield, Michigan. He was the most positive from all the dictors that I have seen. He does have treatment options for tinitus includig a surgical procedure that he has pioneered for extremely severe and incapacitating cases. He prescribed Xanax for me which is an anti-anxiety medication. Xanax targets the central nervous system and he has found success with the drug in numerous patients. It does not take away the tinitus but it can lower the volume and make life easier. Xanax did not work out for me as it has side effects and made me drowsy, slurred my speech, and did not allow me to use my head. i am in school and I could not function in class or even be in social situations wit the Xanax. Last week Dr. Seidman switched my medication to Baclofen which did not hade dehabilitating side effects. I noticed the vloume went down the first couple of days but its back agian. Yesterday I had my worst day ever, the ringing was so peircing I was nauseous and felt the need to vomit. I was going out of my mind. I walked around the rest of the day with a headphone in my ear listening to FM static which almost completely drowns out the ringing. That how I fall asleep at night. These past 5 months have been Hell for me and I will do anything I can to be able to find relief. If anyone has any info please share! Thanks!

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Neuromonics Tinnitus

Icon_missing_medium sdrachel 8 posts

I have had ringing in my ears (tinnitus) since 2006. The doctors told me I just had to learn to live with it. Some nights it is so loud I cannot sleep. The Doctors TV show that aired on 2/10/2009 on the east coast, showed a device similar to a cell phone ear piece which can be worn to train the brain to stop the ringing. Please tell me about this device. None of my doctors have heard of it and I cannot find it on the Internet. Thank you.

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Sound Pillow


Icon_missing_medium sdrachel 8 posts

Thanks so much, I am new to The Doctors TV web site. I found it

I will also check out the pillow device too. I agree with Mordy. The medications for Tinnitus causes drowsiness and I am already on allergy medication which causes that, so I do not want to take 2 medications that cause sleepiness.

Thanks again!

Icon_missing_medium sdrachel 8 posts

BTW – thank you so much for playing what ringing in the ears sounds like to us sufferers. I’ve had doctors and friends look at me strangely when I tried to describe the sound. It appeared they thought I was crazy. The sound played on The Doctors TV show, hit the nail on the head. Furthermore, for us sufferers, then way you know it matches the sound you hear in your ringing in the ears, is, you heard the sound played on the show, then you heard it disappear. That’s because it matched to what you are hearing in your ears.

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I have ringing in my ears and there are days when it drives me crazy. I heard nothing different when you played “what ringing in the ears sounds like”. I take it I have that exact noise already so I heard nothing different. I live in Northern BC and would like more information on the “hearing aid” that you showed that played another noise to balance out the ringing. My daughter had met someone who was wearing them and she was happy with her results. I would be happy with anything to help me. My children would be happy not to have to repeat everything they say. Please help me.

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You can find more information from Neuromonics on the Tinnitus Treatment.

Their website  is www.neuromonics.com


You can find information including links to products seen on the show on the SHOW SUMMARY page. To get there go up to EPISODES, choose TODAY’S SHOW.  On that page next to the Video box you will see SHOW SYNOPSIS, RELATED RESOURCES, PHOTO GALLERY, TRANSCRIPTS and more. 

For older shows choose THIS WEEK, or ARCHIVES from the drop down menu then click either the date of the show, or the picture next to the date.  

Dali_face_of_aphro_medium BradSmith 4 posts

My mother got tinnitus first. In my research on this condition I read lots of interesting things about home remedies, causes, and cures etc etc but most often i read that nothing can cure it.

Then I got it and realized that it was from taking too much aspirn. I tried some of those home remedies that I read about with no results. I did find a few ways of making it less bothersome by using a walkman which only covered up the high pitch noise that was in one ear. One of the things that I read that I found very interesting was a theory that the brain actually prevents it from going away because it recognizes it as familiar after living with it 24/7 so looks for the sound and works to keep it going.

Well I have always experimented on myself trying to improve on known “cures” with good if not great results. I cured my tinnitus! Free of that annoying sound for quite a few years.

It just came back. Guess how? I listened to the sounds of it on that website that they have listed here and my guess is that my brain recognized the sound and when I took the headphone off it was back. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!

I know: If you cured yourself once why not do it again? I plan to. The only problem is that a medication that I used 12 years ago is no longer in my possession. I will need to find it again or try to make it myself.

Will keep you posted.

Icon_missing_medium Mordy 2 posts

Most people do not and can not understand what Tinitus sufferers are going through. Dr. Michael Seidman in Michigan is extremely supportive and understanding. I strongly encourage all of you to cantact him. You can call (248)661-7213

398_10200723609279509_563826426_n_medium lisabethk 108 posts

I was just watching Tuesdays show I dvrd it because I was at my ENT and was shocked yet happy that they spoke about tinnitus . I deal with this on a daily basis ! I have it 24/7 in my right ear and intermitanly in my left. I suffer from Meniere’s disease. now people can understand what we suffer from .Thank you Drs for demonstrating this terrible noise.Ive been on several meds had surgery and still have the ringing .Now try adding that noise with some vertigo and thats Me. maybe you can do a show on Meniere’s disease .

Icon_missing_medium mastersly 1 post

I understand that rining in the ear can be caused by different things – medications, allergies, “Tinnitus”, infections, etc. I really don’t care what’s cauing it. What are some things that will help. Mine is been there for years and getting worse. I often wished I could play it for my doctors.
What will help…?

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