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I am 31 years old at the age of 26 I had a serious accident. I fell 22 feet. I had several fractures to the pelvis and back. I was given medication and one of these drugs made me heavier of 100lbs in a laps of a few months. It's been 3 years now I'm trying to lose weight without any result. I started the 17 days diet and hope to succeed. No I will succeed this time!!!

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I have a little question just for have fun!!
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Last week I started a course of aqua-exercises at the city pool. The exercises are done in deep water, so no hits to the joints. I love it, plus you meet really nice people. Apologize in advance if there are any grammar mistakes because I'm French, but I am trying to make as few mistakes as possible. Thank you for your understanding
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It looks delicious

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Do not give up, because sometimes the result...