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i want to find brownie recipe

on the show you had a browine recipe

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Any written information we have can be found on our Show Synopsis, Related Resources, or Special Thanks pages. To locate the one you're looking for, go to EPISODES at the top of the page and select either Today's Show, Shows this Week, or Archives for previous shows. Locate the show and click on the picture, then select Show Synopsis, Related Resources, and/or Special Thanks.


That recipe was shown on our  Solve Your Everyday Health Challenges Episode with Rocco DiSpirito.  Click HERE for the page with Roocco's Recipies.


Birthday Surprise! 

Rocco surprises Dr. Travis with delicious low-calorie brownies. You'll never guess the secret ingredient! 




I watched a segment with a guest who made chocolate brownies using beans.  You said the recipe would be posted but I can't find it.  Can you help me please?

Thank You



Try these recipes that I love (my diet is super restrictive).

1)Amazing Black Bean Brownies Recipe = 

2)Fat-Free Vegan White Bean Strawberry Blondies Recipe= 

3)Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies:use Almond Butter instead= 


found it on another is the recipe:


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