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Can hear blood rushing in ear?

Sometimes I get this thing like I can hear the blood rushing in my ear. It's kinda like hearing my heart beat like a waaa waaa waaa. It drives me nuts. Mostly it's in my right ear. I thought maybe it could be a side effect of one of my meds. It gets louder when a lean or bend over. Does anyone know what this is an how to get rid of it? I know it's not ringing because i have had that and it's way more annoying....If you can help thank you.

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Does blood come out of your ear?  ie, could it be water in your ear?


Hi, could you have gotten water in your ear? I get that sometimes, I had a lot of

earache when I was young so I try to keep water out of my ears, I ues the hair

dryer on low to make sure they are dry. You may try eardrops, alcohol is the

ingredient that absorbs what may have gotten down in the ear. I hope this

helped some.           Sludge


No blood comes out of my ear and there is no water in my ear. What makes me nervous is that I have high blood pressure and I worry it's something to do with my heart. It happens whenever I try to take my nerve pills so I stopped taking them, and sometimes it happens out of the blue. I wonder if it is my heart working to hard or if my blood pressure is extra high. Sometimes I have a headache when it happens too. I just don't know what to think and I don't know if I should let it go or talk to the doctor about it. It seems like I already have so many things wrong I already have to discuss with him that I don't just want to be a complainer over little things.


If it were me I would see your doctor.  Especially with e high blood pressure and everything you mentioned.  You could explain it just how you did. At least you' be relieved if the doctor says it is nothing. 




don't be afraid to ask your doctor anything, that's what they are there for

an if you don't tell them the problems you are having, they can't help you.

I keep a blood pressure monitor at home so I can check it if I feel like it's

out of whack. I have made so many life changes, adding stopped smoking

to the list that I have to be aware cause I'm sure it will lower now. I would

try not to panic about the heart, talk to your dr. as soon as possible. Take

care of you, we only get one shot at it!           Sludge


It's been a while since you wrote this blog. You may have already came to a conclusion, but I'll give it a shot anyway. There are blood vessels in and around the ear. Of course you knew that. High blood pressure in these vessels will make the pulsating more "pronounced". That's why you hear it and/or feel your pulse. When you lean or bend over, these vessels are flooding with the blood that rushes down. It dosen't always mean that your blood pressure is high throughout your body. Only that particular area. Have you heard of arteriosclerosis? It's a narrowing of the artery. That narrowing creates a higher pressure. But just in that particular area of the vessel. The pulsating may also occur after exertion, like exercise. After exercising or doing an activity that raises your heartrate...wait a while to lay down, cause the blood flow will really rush to your head. It's probably something harmless. I know, it's annoying. It happens to me when I first go to bed at night. If I prop my head up on 2 pillows, the elevation helps and it soon stops.


You have mild tinitus like me. Google it. It most likely has to do with the medication your taking. For me its if i drink coffee late at night i can hear the blood folwing in mu sounds like its a drain pipe. Lile 50 million american have it. And at least one canadian ;) that i know of


Sorry for the bad spelling. i'm On my iphone


I can't picture myself drinking coffee at night... unless i wanted to stay up all night..

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