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Come watch a live taping of The Doctors!

Reservations for The Doctors are available for FREE by phone and by email.

Come see Dr. Travis Stork, Dr. Rachael Ross, Dr. Jennifer Berman, Dr. Andrew Ordon, and Dr. Jennifer Ashton at a LIVE taping of The Doctors!

The show tapes in Hollywood, Calif.

We will contact you to set up your reservations for Season 8. Please do not send multiple requests.

Please note: You must speak with a member of our audience department in order to confirm your reservation. Reservations are NOT guaranteed, due to possible schedule changes.


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Alternative ways to get tickets

Email Reservations

You may request reservations by emailing us. When tickets are available, you will see links for specific dates above. A member of our audience department will contact you to confirm the date you request. Please do not call to check on the status of your reservation request. We will call you.

24-Hour Reservation Line

You may phone The Doctors for reservations at 323-THE-DOCS (323-843-3627). Please be aware you will need to leave us your name, day and evening phone numbers, and the number of reservations you are requesting. You may request up to four reservations for any one taping.

Coming to visit The Doctors?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your taping schedule?

The Doctors generally tapes three shows a day on Thursday and Friday. The show generally tapes from the end of August through mid December, and then from January through early May, excluding holidays.

Is there an age requirement?

You must be at least 18 years old to attend a taping. If the topic permits, you can be 16 or 17 years old, provided you attend the taping with your parent or legal guardian. If this is the case, minors must have valid photo identification and a birth certificate in order to be admitted. Children under 16 will not be allowed into the studio.

How many seats can I reserve?

You may reserve up to four seats for any one taping.

What can I expect on tape days?

Please expect to wait on the sidewalk outside Paramount Studios until the doors open. Once they open, you will be admitted into a waiting area outside the studio until the stage is clear for admittance. There are benches to sit on and vending machines available once you are on the Paramount lot.

What if I have special needs?

Please contact your Audience Coordinator prior to the day of taping if you or anyone in your party has special needs and requires any assistance or accommodations to attend the The Doctors show taping.

Persons with special needs may include any audience attendees with an impairment or disability who require accommodations such as reserved wheelchair, companion and other accessible seating or assistive listening devices. Appropriate arrangements will be made to assist you.

Where is the audience entrance?

The audience will enter at 860 N. Gower St., one block north of Waring St., directly under the Paramount Studios / The Doctors marquee.

Paramount Studios
The Doctors Entrance
860 N. Gower St.
Hollywood, CA 90038

Paramount Studios is located in Hollywood on the corner of Melrose Ave. and N. Gower St., just south of Santa Monica Blvd.

Parking at GOWER STRUCTURE on the corner of Gower and Waring. $12 cash only.

Can I change a name on my reservation?

You can change it at audience check-in on the day of your taping (providing the replacement person adheres to all requirements). If you want to change more than one name on your reservation, you must call the reservation line 323-THE-DOCS (323-843-3627) prior to the date of taping, and state those name changes clearly on the voicemail.

What do I wear?

We ask that everyone dress in business attire. A pants suit and blazer is appropriate, as it does get chilly in the studio. Please DO NOT wear any white or beige clothing, elaborate patterns or jeans, as they are not preferred for the camera.

Can I take a picture or get The Doctors' autographs?

No cameras, recorders, cell phones, pagers, books, food, etc. will be allowed in the studio. If you bring these or any similar items, we will check them and return them to you upon leaving the studio. Unfortunately, we do not have time to sign autographs.