Burn Survivor Embraces Her Life with Scars

Every day over 300 kids are treated in the E.R. for burn-related injuries. Alyssa was just two years old when she suffered 3rd-degree burns on 75 percent of her face. This tragic accident changed her life and she joins The Doctors to share her incredible story. 

Watch: Burn Survivor's Strength Moves Others 

When two-year-old Alyssa pulled a pan of hot butter down on her face, her family tried to wipe the butter off but the skin was coming off too. She was in a coma, lost her left eye and have had over 100 procedures from skin grafts to lip reconstruction. 

But Alyssa has a very important message to share. "I remember being 13-years-old and just being like I'm tired of being so depressed and I'm tired of being sad and crying and wishing I was someone different. I just simply told myself that you have to get over it. There is nothing I can do about it." Alyssa feels like she was given a second chance, and she's choosing to live it freely. She says she wears her flaws like diamonds now. 

Watch: Treating a Burn

What to do When Burned:

  • Soak the burn in regular water. It will cool the skin and alleviate some of the pain. 
  • If you are wearing clothing that is smoldering, cool it by soaking it in water too. If the clothing is stuck, do not pull it off. 
  • If the burn is oozing, cover with gauze then seek medical attention. 
  • Do NOT: Put ice on a burn - it can delay healing or even make it worse!
  • Do NOT: Rub a burn. This will cause blistering. 

Prevention Tips: 

  • Turn pot handles towards the back of the stove. 
  • When shopping for an oven make sure it's one that is well insulated from the heat, so if you child touches the door he or she won't be burned. 
  • Protect your child from tap water scalds by adjusting your water heater so the hottest temp at the faucet is no more than 120 degrees. 
  • After cooking food in a microwave, let it stand for 2 minutes & stir well.

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