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Me???I live in Finland and I love your show, although it probably comes a lot later here than in real time. You all have a wonderful sense of humor even when talking about "delicate" problems.l am 51 yrs, suffer from panic attacks, back pains,  ab 1 year ago i was diagnosed with spondylodiscitis, but they made a lot of tests, and never found out what bacteria was eating at my spine. They suspected it was an e-coli??? Fine doctors, eh. Well this year i broke my arm when it started to snow and it was wet outside, so I fell and, of course, I tried to stop the fall with my left hand (yo' I'm a leftie), two weeks later I walked home from the store, it all went quite ok even if there was as walking in Greenland, up to my knees in snow, but when I got in the door to the steps leading up to my apt, 4th floor, the clumps of snow became ice and I fell pretty hard and broke my ankle. They operated my foot, put in some screws and steel, but something went wrong, and now they accuse me for doing something wrong and that they won't do anything else in the future but amputate my right leg. So I am as happy as a bee thinking of my future, I can't event get myself out and breath fresh air or to meet people, since I can't go down all the steps by myself. Not allowed. And no elevator.


Style: a tomboy, bohemic person, mostly dressed in jeans and boots. Laughing a lot, not a primrose. Usually get better along with men than women since they seem to be funnier and more honest and direct. I love animals, though I'm allergic, I've gone riding, had little mouses, hamsters, guinea pigs and would now want 2 rats to keep me company since I live alone. I love sunny weather, love my travels to Spain, and especially the time I went to the US (Mississippi, Missouri, NEW ORLEANS!). As my best friend is my ma I bought her a beatiful ring.


What I would like to do/have is an alpacka, dogs (love Cesar Millans program), horses penguings, mini pigs. Spent my childhood on a farm (cows, pigs, a horse, chickens and at a farm entails). I'd love to learn western riding, 'cos my riding instructor always told me "hey, we're not playing the duke/John Wayne here now, here it's mostly english riding.


I've also been dancing since I was ab. 6 yrs, first classic ballet, then aerobics, flamenco, latin dances, show dances, and I'd love to learn line dancing. But not now until my destiny with my ankle is taken care of.


BUT, I am a fighter (a Leo) and won't give in, I wanna keep my foot, even if they do the operation that stiffens my leg. My god, I have a hundred pairs (at least) of shoes and I don't wanna dispose of them. Well anyway, my mother helps out a lot and she is driving me to a "foot doctor" to get an other opinion, and he's a private doc, so hopefulle he can help me. The problem is I don't have the money to pay for such an operation, and I do have the usual medical coverage we have here in Finland, but that doesn't cover private surgery.


Any suggestions? It would be nice if you all could visit Finland just like let's say Cesar Millan is coming here in May this year, kinda do a publicity tour. I think Jim is so cute, and of course Travis, but all my friends who watches your show have already spoke for him.  And Jim was so cute when he was in a recording studio and sang your tune "Doctor doctor...".

Well I think that was enough about me. I am usually a very positive and happy person, but all my problems are starting to get to me.



Annie Rehnstrom

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great show, with doc's who have humor!

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great show, with doc's who have humor!