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EXTREME vaginal itching=(

I am nineteen years old and still a virgin. I'm not sexually active so I have confidence that this isn't an STD, but who knows? My mom told me I could have caught something in the public bathrooms or something to that sort, but I've  had a continuous vaginal itch for about two months now.

It all started on August 29th when i started my period.I am very irregular and I hadn't had it since June. I have been using Kotex pads for the past few years because I am allergic to Always. I never had problems with Kotex until this specific period. I got extremely itchy and noticed i was breaking out in hives in the areas that the pad was touching.I had this same reaction with the Always pads which resulted to me switching brands and I don't wear tampons because it makes me really nervous to try putting them in. Later my labia got very swollen and looked deformed! Anyways, I decided to ride it out until my period was over and when i was done, the itching and swelling did calm down but still existed. I was only itchy on my outer labia and butt cheeks, but i decided to go to see an OBGYN anyways.

I explained to the doctor what was going on and she checked me out and she said i looked normal.She was going to take a swab of discharge and was inserting her finger to see how thick my hymen was so she could figure out how she would get the sample, but instead I got so nervous from her doing this I started getting dizzy and nauseous so she did breathing exercises with me so i wouldn't pass out. Pathetic and embarrassing i know, but it was hurting me as well. Maybe I was too tense, but she decided not to get the sample after all. She had looked at my records and noticed that i had been prescribed a cream called Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USP for a fungal rash i had gotten on my inner thighs when i went to Florida back in mid-June. She said it was a possibility that i had the same fungus in my vaginal area and to just use that cream since I had some left at home. I did use it and it did help but didn't completely take it away.

It wasn't until my last period that it got worse all over again. I started on September 29th and I decided to wo-MAN up to my situation and wear a tampon. I did this for 2 days straight and realized that my period just wasn't coming down. All i had was a bloody discharge and after the 3d day it just stopped. My period never came down. I had put on a panty liner and it worsened my itch and my vaginal itching was now internal as well. My clitoris, labia minora, all the way to my perineum is EXTREMELY itchy!!! I couldn't take it anymore and i thought maybe my hair was making it itchy so i shaved. It Helped a little bit, but once it started growing back out it just seemed to make it even worse, so i have to keep my labias shaved.

I went to the store and bought Vagisil wipes. They helped and i decided to go ahead and buy the cream along with aveeno baby soothing relief creamy wash ( fragrance free) and unscented baby wipes by the Mom to Mom brand. Everything only helps temporarily. The Vagisil cream numbed my itch and when it wore off it seemed to make the itch increase. I realized this when i decided to wash it off with cool water and the itch went away for about an hour. I am no longer using any creams, just the vagisil wipes to clean up after i go to the restroom. I do not have any abnormal discharge if any, nor does it burn when i go to the restroom. All i can claim to had is a chronic itch with very swollen labias.
I was going to see my OBGYN again tomorrow but i decided I'd try to go the organic way first and see if i have a UTI instead. I bought L&A Cranberry plus and the AZO Cranberry pills from Henry's Market. I hope this will help me. 
I don't want to be on any unnecessary medications if the doctor doesn't know what i have nor do i want to be put on any type of steroid. I have done research on this condition and found a website of women who have been sharing the same issue that i have been having and they are all trying to figure out what to do. Some have come up with the craziest ideas and I feel so desperate to try anything but i don't want to do anything that will harm me or cause my condition to get worse. All these women have gone to different doctors and still can't find out what is wrong.
That is the web page of blogs these women are sharing with much frustration. I really need some help, not just for me but for everyone else who is experiencing this horrible itch. It keeps me from sleeping sometimes and I am a full time student who SERIOUSLY needs the rest. I try to sleep with my legs open just for some relief and shower with cool water to sooth this issue. I refuse to be embarrassed to share this with anyone because i just want some help. If you have any idea what this may be or what is causing it i would truly appreciate ANY help from you and i will be sure to spread the word. I just want to be able to walk around my house for one whole day without having to scratch. Thank you so much for listening.

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I'm not a Doctor, but I have a few suggestions that "might" help.  First, to me it sounds like a yeast infection, but as I said, I'm no Doctor.  It could be something more serious.  If it is a yeast infection, try cutting back on your sugar intake, I was told a high sugar intake feeds yeast.  Take a Vitamin C pill, maybe like 500 milligrams Vitamin C increases the acidity of the vagina and makes for a yeast unfriendly environment.  Yeast needs moisture to survive, so when you hop out of your shower or bath, take your blow dryer on cool and blow dry down there.  (make sure you hold the dryer away from your vagina, you don't want to get burnt, just make the area dry)  Maybe try sleeping without underwear, because as I said, yeast needs moisture to thrive.  Also maybe try a sitz bath, I've heard of a few different kinds, never tried either of them though.  One is the "saline sitz bath" - dissolve half a cup of table salt into a shallow tub of warm water, open the area to the vagina and let the warm salt water in, sit for about 10-15 minutes, maybe 2-3 nights.  The other one was once a month after your period, add 3 tablespoons of boric acid (your mom will know what that is) to six inches of water, in a pan large enough for you to "sit" your butt into, sit there for 5-10 minutes.  As I said before, every time you shower or it feels wet in that area, try to let it air out or blow dry it if possible, keep the area as dry as possible.  I really do hope you find some relief, vaginal itching is so horrible and makes life miserable. 
Take care and good luck. 

Do yourself a favor don't try to diagnose yourself go back and let them do the tests they need to . If you need to bring someone who can help you feel relaxed. A relaxed body makes these exams much easier.  I ignored the same thing and was first diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis through a biopsy. Then I got an ulcer down there that wouldn't heal for a year. I went in the hospital for an outpaitent biopsy and removal of the ulcer after 3 months of waiting for the results it came back VIN (a PRECANCER) condition. Don't mess around with this. You can be a virgin and still get some problems down there. My neice got L.S. when she was about 13 yrs. old and she was a virgin. I'm not trying to scare you I just want you to take care of yourself. Oh and by the way all brands of sanitary pads use to do the same thing to me. It burned,stung and itched. I finally went to the health food store and bought a brand called Senenth Generation they don't use bleach to whiten the cotton like the other brands do I found great relief when I started using them. Hope this helps.



sounds so much like LS... lichen sclerosis,, askthe GYN to check you for that.. DO NOT HAVE A BIOPSY.. thats not necesarry.  i have a 6yr old with it and it sounds so simmilar, ,shes had it for about 3 years,, salt in a sitz bath will not help,, you need 1 cup baking soda instead of salt,, it will not harm if its yeast but the salt will not help if its LS.. here is a magnificent website for LS the women that run it are VERY experienced. there are so many pages of information on the meds and suggestions for the relief of itching..LS can be controlled.. but if your being treated for yeast the cream for the yeast infection will aggravate the LS.. there are somany non medical things you can do to help yourself.. please go to the website and set yourself up an account,, its free to join and they are so very very friendly,, even if its not LS there are lots of suggestions from over 4000 members on how to relieve the soreness and itching... this site has literally saved my life..i hope you sign up. it really will be worth it for you..  My prayers and positive thoughts are with you..



Well, I use the suggestion of "Baking Soda" and you know I already feel better. Someone said that the Baking Soda will counter act the yeast or the itch. It truly has stopped it because when I press on my vagina now, it doe not hurt or cause me to want to scratch it. It is so much better.  I hope this helps you too.


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