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Breakstone LiveActive Cottage Cheese

I love cottage cheese.  I want to use it as a daily snack but I can't find this particular one in my stores.  I did finally buy breakstone low fat cottage cheese but it is not liveactive.  What do you think?  I really want to stick to this diet word for word for the best results.

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I don't have my book yet the kind of cottage cheese you are looking for a REQUIERMENT of the diet? If so...I better start looking now. I am anxious to find out what foods are on the diet. I LOVE cottage cheese. GOOD LUCK !


I couldn't find that brand of cottage cheese either. I bought Roundy's fat-free . A half a cup is a serving of the breakstone so I do the same with the Roundy's brand.


That is the only cottage cheese I found also. My daughter did not like it, I did not try it. She thought it was bad so it got thrown away. I had just bought it lol.


Did you look in the individual sized packaged section.  That's all I can find where I live.  There are four of them attached and you break them apart. 

Tonice Kaye

I have seen the individual packages but they are just the 2% lowfat as well.  Yes it is one of the things that is specifically listed in the book.  Some other things that you might look for is is like a yogurt drink.  Our Kroger has it, someone told me but I drove to a health food store to get it.  Also, flaxseed oil.


I was able to find Dean's Probiotic Cottage Cheese (says that in large print across the packaging) at a local super Wal-Mart.  They also carry a Fiber One cottage cheese which indicates it is high in fiber.  Best of luck to you.


I found the Breakstone FAT FREE at my local Publix store tonite.


I would add fruit to the cottage makes it a ton better. I didn't find that brand either so I didn't get any! I was worried the other fat free brands had sugar? Hmmmm.


I found the cottage cheese at Whole Foods and my local health food store. I no longer shop regular stores. I find it to be too tangy though. I did not find Breakstone but there are others out there.


I think for those who cann't find the specific cottage cheese, it is really important to read the label to make sure the brand you buy is as healthy as possible. The brands that advertise to be the healthiest are not always the best. Look for the hidden sugars like fructose.


I have the same issue, and I bought the fat free Breakstone but it still lists carbs and sugars.  Where to get this "liveactive" stuff is a mistery to me :(


Is there a Canadian out there that knows anything about Live Active Cottage cheese and if it is even available in our stores. Those Americans get all the good food!!!!


Can someone post the nutriitional info on that cottage cheese??? Cals...carbs....sugers and all will help to shop for a similar one.......thanks!


I went to PUBLIX today to buy the ingredients for the taco salad and the chicken vegetable soup.  While I was there, I noticed they had the Live Active cottage cheese that's listed in the book.  So, if you have a PUBLIX near you, check it out.


@ sandfan, Thank you Publix has everything I should have known!


I only found Breakstone's LiveActive, whch is 2%, in the small indvidual packs, which is too expensive for me.  But I found Friendship Digestive Health which is also 2% in 16 oz size at standard price for cottage cheese.  It is a little on the dry side, but I add cinnamon, mix in a fruit serving, or add a little sugar-free jam and then it tastes fine.


The Live Active is for the probotic but you can just go to a health food store and buy some in pill form and then buy regular low fat cottage cheese.  Breakstone only comes in the individual 4 pack and it is expensive so you can buy a large container much cheaper and put your savings toward your probotic tablets.  Just make sure you buy the ones that are refrigerated since obviously the bacteria dies when it is not kept cold!  Good luck everyone...keep plugging along!


I found the nutritional info for Breakstone here:

Spike 5

I could not find this product where I live (Snellville, Georgia).  The major stores (Kroger, Publics. Walmart) do not carry it.  Any ideas who else may sell it, or a substitute product?


If y'all are still looking for the Live Active Breakstone Cottage Cheese, I buy it every week at Krogers. Good luck :)



What about the Horizon Organic cottage cheese? Here is a link to a produc at walmart that I have been buying. It says it has the live active cultures.

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