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Horrible mistakes

I cried watching today's show about children removed from their homes for months, parents accused of child abuse. That happened to my son and his family 5 years ago. They had a 2 year old and twins a month old. They were wonderful parents, bordering on overly cautious. The baby boy was congested, so they took him to the pediatrician who recommended a chest xray. The xray showed fractured ribs. They asked the parents to bring in the other children for xrays, which they did willingly because they had nothing to hide. Broken bones appeared on both of the babies, but not on the 2 year old. They removed all 3 children from the home. My son and his wife were questioned. They eventually had to hire separate attorneys, though they were never charged.  Research was done by my son and he found out that there is a form of temporary brittle bone syndrome that can happen with multiple births and premature irths. The twins were born several weeks early. The children were out of their home for a year. They lost the first year of their babies lives, and the 2 year old was traumatized and insecure for a long time. After a year of court hearings, double attorney fees, lost time from work, the children were allowed to return to their mother on the condition that my son move out. After 3 months and multiple visits from childrens services, since there were no charges to be filed, he was allowed to move back. By that time so much damage had been done. They lost their home, had to file bankruptcy, and ultimately lost their marriage. There must be sufficient testing and researching done before taking such traumatizing steps.

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I cringed & literally cried also as I was again living out the nightmare I did in 1995 when my three children were taken from me for two & a half years.  At the time they were 6, 2 & 1.5 and all three were ADD.  My daughter had issues that she wasn't yet potty trained as she should be.  The daycare, which was named Kids with Individual Needs, told me that there was feeling she wasn't getting the proper attention she needed as she wasn't out of training pants yet. This same daycare had an employee who took something my daughter said and drew allegations of inappropriate behavior with her. To make things worse, their father was a school teacher; which had his career on the line. After numerous months of wondering, he finally got the dreaded call into the county office.  The assistant superintendant assigned began by stating 'you see those files? They are your children's.  If you have any needs, just remember my door is always open & only a phone call away. My vigilant prayers had been answered.  We only got to see them once a month under supervised visits.  I had to be medicated for not only depression but also, to eat and sleep.  The officers who came out to inspect our home couldn't find anything to raise question.  Despite us jumping through every hoop placed in front of us & all were successful, the case worker assigned would still not let the children return home.  (We would later find out that the case worker was a new hire & would use our case to make points for himself.)  Finally the judge who evaluated the case said that he'd never seen such a waste of the tax payers money, reprimended the case worker & ordered that our children be returned to us.  I don't think the scars will ever be erased.  It definitely impacted my life & made me an advocate of helping others. 

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