About Me

Susie Cat.herine (Fantuzzi) Randa

Born in Milwaukee & graduated at 16 with honors from high school. Upon finishing a degree in Marketing, moved to Houston, TX. Began a career as a Cosmetologist & moved to California in the early 80's as a Navy wife. After relocating to Los Angeles in 1984, I won appx. $33K on MatchGame Hollywood Squares. Bought income property in '85. Began a career as a ReaL Estate agent & divorced. Won appx. $35K on Dick Clark's $100K Pyramid in 1988. Had to respond to lawsuits by the ex-husband, mother, & later sued my mother's murderer which lasted ten long & expensive years. In '94, during those loss years, I was carjacked & injured in that crime. Upon the last court appearance in the civil matters, I relocated to FL. I married & divorced & twelve long years later, finally made it back to SoCaL where I live a simple life in the charming seaside town of Imperial Beach. Days are spent making my clients look & feel terrific. Free time is spent beach walking with my dogs & writing ;-D