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17 DD Challenge- ? on member

OK, So I am trying to become a memeber of the Challenge HOW DO YOU FIND IT TO JOIN?? I just became a member and I can not find it to become a member of it?? Can anyone help?? I know it sounds funny but I want the award for the club , it will help my keep accountable!  THANKS!

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For more information about the 17 Day Diet Challenge CLICK HERE: When on this page, scroll down to Join the Group, and to choose a team to join. There will be more information on January 6th's show synopsis page

To join The Doctors Team Click the link that says CLICK HERE TO JOIN TEAM DOCTORS on The 17 Day Diet Club webpage.


Team The Doctors Message Boards: 

Team Dr. Phil Message Boards: 

January 6, 17 Day Diet Episode Message Boards: 


THANKS Found it! :)

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