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Love the show, even love the new additions to the cast...  HOWEVER,  Jillian, Jillian, Jillian...please. stop being so agressive and confrontational to ......  No need to be in "tough trainer, I'm gonna kick your butt" mode all the time --  Just an observation and opinion... It's really hard to watch at times

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I have been watching the show since the beginning .... Love the original cast all well rounded & obviously not trying to overshadow the other always respectful of the others knowledge! BUT who's idea was it to bring in Jillian...?!

Seriously... & why is it now all about her opininons & all the agressive behaviour SO early in the morning - who needs it! I think she would be great if she was counceling on health ONLY occasionally.  What's next - on the air paternity test & results....?!!!!! 


I totally agree with Kmedina6  with regards to Jillian.  I don't want to record the episodes on my DVR any longer because of Jillian.  I wouldn't watch the Biggest Loser because I didn't like the way she yelled at the people.  She is  NOT a medical expert.  I watch the show to learn about changes in the medical community and to learn about medical issues not to hear Jillian yell or listen to her opinions. 

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