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Boots No 7

Where do I find the website offer Dr Orden mentioned on the show?  He said visit the Drs website to find an offer about obtaining Boots No.7 anti-aging serum.   ????

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You can find information from today's show (including the offer from Boots) on the SHOW SYNOPSIS page.  To get there go up to EPISODES, choose TODAY'S SHOW.  On that page next to the Video box you will see SHOW SYNOPSIS along with other links related to the show.  


For older shows choose THIS WEEK, or ARCHIVES from the drop down menu.


Hello, I've just joined this website and watch The Doctors often....Please let me know if you find the information abouts Boots #7.  I've been looking for an hour...and have givenup....Take care


I, too, am searching for the offer from BOOTS.  Their answer is to get to the video box of that day's show, which is 5-16-11, and you will see SHOW SYNOPSIS and go to it.  Well, it won't go to it because it stays on the thing above it that never stops trying to load a video.  I have been trying for over an hour and am completely stressed out.  This web site is making me too nervous and I think I am just going to give up on BOOTS.  Who needs all that junk to put on their skin anyway!


Here is a direct link for the Boots promotion:



Hi, the coupon posted expired in January.


Jks 58

I heard its good to start young using anti-aging products. I'm 26 years old should I start using this product? If so, which one. I have fair, oily to normal, and sensitive skin. What's recommended?


I am also interested in the Boots No. 7 promo offer but can not find it on your website.


Just looked following your guide and can't find anything


Here is the direct link to the video and the coupon link is on this page.





Yes I also cannot find the special offer for the boots no.7!!!!


Looking for the Boots No. 7 offer also - any suggestions where to look?

Thanks in advance - Have a great day!


I can't find the area to enter my "word" for the Boots7 sweepstakes. 


Just go to the link posted by TheDoctorsBoard1 they are right there good till 11/13/13.  Pretty simple!   

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