Post Comments - It was tarsal tunnel syndrome, not hypochondria or in my head


Mine flares up when walking or standing, particularly when putting more weight on the front of my foot. It feels like a pinch or burn deep in my arch when walking or standing


Green fish,  some doctors think I have tarsal tunnel or baxters nerve, others thing I have posterior tibial  tendonitis. Can u describe how/why your new insoles worked and took pressure off the nerve, but your old orthotics didn't! is it shaped differently than your old ones that didn't work? Any detail would be really helpful. I have expensive orthotics but they don't solve the problem for me. Also, was your pain in your arch muscle, like a pinch when walking?  


Hi debter,  I got an email alerting me of your message, so I do see your post!  Sorry for your situation and your pain, but I am glad to see that I'm not alone.  Not all doctors are the same, and some are better than others. 

I hope your orthotics work too!  I wasn't on Celebrex long enough to notice any edema, but years ago I was on 1,000mg Naproxen daily for a long time (that's the maximum amount anyone can take per day, prescribed at one point for my neck pain, which is a whole other story!) and I did notice major edema.  It caused high blood pressure, edema, etc!  I ended up stopping it when I started seeing a chiropractor regularly.     

Good luck!  Keep me posted! 


I hope you see this, it is a year later.  I think after 5 months that i am going to be diagnosed with tarsal tunnel.  I have felt like i am being treated like a hypochodriac too. I am getting orthotics next week.  I hope they work like yours did.  Did celebrex help you, It is causing edema with me.


I would like to hear your story!  Share it when you have the time...I'll keep an eye out for it!


Dear Greenfish,

                      You Have my greatest sympathy! Boy do I have a story for you. I will be posting it on here soon. You are not crazy and there is hope ! I promise you will be ok . God is watching over his children and , I was led to this site just to share my story with you. Please continue praying and I will be in contact. God Bless you !



Also forgot to add that after the Army ortho doc removed my cast and I still complained of pain, he said that there was nothing more that he could do for me and sent me to a pain management clinic within the Army.  For my last remaining year of service, they gave me a "prescription," or "doctor's orders" to wear tennis shoes that had a good arch support with my BDUs (battle dress uniform...the camoflage uniform you see military folk wearing!).  I just had to carry around the doctor's Rx in case anyone questioned why I was in tennis shoes instead of military issued boots. 

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