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Cookalkaline, thanks for your comments on my blogs, it means a lot to know that there are others out there who are following this "diet" (hate to use that word, maybe I should just say "lifestyle") and to see that it actually works! 

P.S. I'm going to try cooking my own garbanzo beans from scratch, thanks to your website!  I've always seen the bag of uncooked garbanzo beans staring at me as I go through the soup and bean aisle at Whole Foods Market, and I've been too scared to pick them up!


Hi I agree with all your comments. I do not believe this is a fad diet. I have been eating alkaline for three years and I actually reversed my osteoporosis  without the use of drugs. I eat a 80 percent alkaline diet with 20 percent of acidic  foods at each meal. This is a way of eating that anyone can learn to do. I post alka

Ine recipes on my blog at 


Hey Driftking, I just added 4 more books that talk about the importance of alkaline foods,  check them out!


Agree with TheDoctorsBoard2 moderator.  I'm just a layperson, not an doctor knows all medications and supplements I am taking, plus foods I am including in my daily diet and I see him every year for a full blood test so he can keep a close eye on my iron, calcium, and electrolyte levels as well as thyroid, glucose, and cholesterol levels (and whatever else it is they check!).  I suggest everyone do the same!


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Also want to add that I too, am more alert in my thinking...and my skin is looking better than ever!  I think it not only has to do with adding more alkaline foods, but also more antioxidants as eliminating "evil" sugar!


Thanks for adding the site.  Here's a couple more:

The below two are from   Scroll down a bit to see "10 ESSENTIAL are the links to 2 of them:


Hi brimel...I learned about the basics of proper pH balance just 3 short months ago (even though the scientific concept has been around for ages).  Since then, I've made the switch from black tea to green tea, added way more veggies to my daily diet (I can confidently say I am eating 6-8 servings a day!) and cut out sugar (except for little bit of fruit daily, plus sugar in reduced-sugar jams and ketchup).  To be exact, I cut out sugary cereal (which I lived on), candy bars, cookies, ice cream.  I replaced those with organic carrots and other veggies, date and nut bars, coconut water, etc.  I never thought that I could say that I don't crave sweets, this coming from a (now former) sugar addict!!!

I saw my chiropractor recently and mentioned to her what I am doing (I know she's a big health buff) because I'm always looking for ways to reduce my pain, and she knew exactly what I was saying.  She said eating more alkaline foods reduces inflammation, and she asked me how I was doing.  I told her that I haven't felt the pain reduction that much, maybe only a little so far, but the first thing I noticed was that I had ENERGY!  A wonderful, boundless, natural energy that lasted all day...I didn't need naps anymore, I woke up in the morning feeling refreshed, not sluggish like I usually did, and I didn't need a sugary snack for that sugar rush we all seem to be dependent on.   It's like I have the energy I had when I was a kid! 


Hi there, I'm so glad you mentioned this. Even though I didn't see that broadcast I know exactly what you mean. The willfull ignorance concerning acid foods and alkaline foods to strange. Open minded doctors and nutritionists should be willing to explore better ways of eating and health. Alkaline foods are nothing new. Acid foods are nothing new. We just need to know how to balance it in your diets. There many biased websites out there on this topics and many critics. I live the health alkaline lifestyle and I have more energy and am more alert in my thinking. Any one who wants to know more about this can check out, they have several cookbooks  and many free articles.



Here's an example of a reliable source, where the author mentions in a few pages the importance of alkaline foods as part of preventing osteoporosis

I have no ties to this book!  You can check it out at the library for free!

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