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I'm sorry for the late response. But this is what happened with me. About five years ago my doctor put me on a hormon therapy and I was placed on Celexa. It worked! wasn't sure if it was the Celexa or hormone. so I stoped the hormone and continued my Celexa for a few years. Then I lost my job and health insurance and was off the Celexa for about a year, I pretty much lost it. So, we have a free clinic that helped me get back on Celexa and oh boy, what a difference. I feel balanced and can deal with life in general. Celexa works for me. I'm on 40 MG's. good luck to you. When my OBGYN perscribed the hormone therapy, he didn't do any testing. I just explained what I was going through. he said it sounds like my body only produced one hormone during my cycles and that is why I was "PMS" all the time. I had no releif at all. The Celexa puts seretonin back in your body and for some reason I lack that. good luck to you I hope the Celexa works as good for you!


hello i am going through the same thing i will be 40 this yr. i feel for you!!! however i seen the celexa part of your post i just started this med 3 days ago ...did it work for you at all? and also the hormone replacement thereapy please explain i have an appt set up with obgyn in a few wks to see if they can do some hormone testing...i have been suffering with this for to long!!! they have tryed probably every antidepressant there is except celexa which i'm now insurance so couldnt fill the lexapro script..thanks for any input hopefully someone on here will post some positive insight

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