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My daughter suffers from severe constipation, like we are talking bowl movements 4 to 8 times a month. I know this can't be good has anyone heard of   culturelle probiotic and tried it does it work  or are their any ideas for her.



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hi im alibaba its funny when you hear of sumone that suffers from the same thing as most of my family consitipation .weve all tryed lots of different things to mum found that eating the rite foods for your bloob type seemed to can bye books on what foods to eat for the different kinds of blood groups it would be worth a try if nothing else.will try to get more info if i can


Magnesium citrate works like a charm.  You can get it at like a CVS or something in the laxative aisle.



I have in fact taken Culturelle!! :) It actually wasn't bad.  The thing is however that the pills are pretty big, so if she isn't good at swallowing pills I wouldn't go that route. I took it for something totally different.  I had been on antibiotics for like a month and a 1/2 straight and so my doctor wanted to replace some of the good bacteria that my body was suppose to have.  Have you tried having her drink prune juice, or using enemas or suppositories? all of these work well. I would talk to your doctor before doing anything.  A high fiber diet is often helpfull too!

I hope this helps!



Has she tried probiotic yogurts....some claim they work to regulate your system, but I think most probiotic yougurts have fiber in them too which helps.  I tend to like Yoplait Yo+ but it doesnt regulate my system....just is one of the probiotic yogurts that has fiber in it that I like.  Just a thought. I wrote a blog on it.



Here's the link:


Hope it helps,



thank you to all of u for responding i will give her all the information i know she has tried the extra fiber but didn't do well i think she is just wanting a quick fix to the problem and there is one unfortunaly.


                                                                    thank you your friend Pam


Pam, magnesium citrate is a quick fix.  Within hours she should be glued to the toilet!



Nice comment Meliss.  Pam, I have eaten yogurt with probiotics and they do work.  You should tell her to just try them.  They don't taste much different from regular, just less sweet, which is actually fine with me.  How are YOU doing?  You always seem to be worrying about someone else.  Good luck. Bobbie


I put my daughter on the SCD (Specific Charbrohydrate Diet) and she is now free of her constipation for 7 years!  She is also on probiotics daily along with a very healthy diet.


thanks to all of you who have helped me with my daughter i do believe the yogurt sounds like the best way to go thanks again so much i new i could come here and find great answers!



I was on slim fast (the powder) for a couple of weeks and then I realize  I wasn't going to the bathroom.  I knew it was going on for weeks now and it scared me so I did a remedy that worked for me.  I was feeling a whole lot better, but I am still not going like I should.  When I say I am not going, believe me, I am not going.  I have been drinking my fiber and watching what I eat, but still no go.  I understand the problem.  I don't know what I should do.  I don't won't to have to take something every week just to make me go.  Can anyone help me?  I am drinking water all the time and taking stool softeners every day.  I really don't won't to go to the Dr if there is a cure I can do myself.  May be we all can get straighten out and be healthy.

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