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New format, Jillian, viewers leaving...

I've seen the unhappy posts about the new show with Jillian and Dr. Walsh. Good points all. 

Here's my thing:

Jay McGraw is a bright guy. He (and his staff) will make adjustments and fix this show before long. It may not be exactly what you want, exactly what any of us want, but at their core, they still have 4 dedicated doctors and an amazing staff who have found a way to bring us a great show for years now. Those are basics that will result in a formula that brings us information for living a better, healthier life. Isn't that the end goal? 

These people work hard every day to bring us the best show they can. They deserve some thanks for that. 

I agree the show was solid before. I also agree Jillian Michaels is, well, out of hand. This is a woman who has made adjustments before to reach people and I'm sure she can do it here if she decides to. Wherever you stand on Jillian Michaels, you can't question her passion, and you can't deny her dedication to helping others. She is a quality person with honest motives.

This show is full of good people. They are making people's lives better - every day.

Maybe viewers can stick with them for awhile and see what they come up with.

I don't mean to offend, just what I think.

  I've never posted on anything before, not even facebook, but this show and the show's message are important, so there are my thoughts...



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I agree with darbyshire....Jay I know what you stand for regarding you have JM on the show insulting  and bullying people........please return to the old format....I am a person that likes change but this it not good at all.


Unfortunately...what makes changes....IS RATINGS!  I don't care what adjusting they do.....I can not stomach to watch Jillian Michaels!  She is NOT A DOCTOR!  The title of the show is THE DOCTORS!  PERIOD!  I signed up on the posts to comment on my disqust with the show!  I was a faithful watcher!  I took it off of my DVR list!  I was so tense watching all the yelling....cursing...etc on the show Thursday!  I watch TV to relax and for information!  It is a shame because you are SO right on the other 4 Doctors....but these 2 new ladies HAVE GOT TO GO!  I will come back when I see they are gone!  I appreciate that you are more patient than I  !!!!  ;o)



I like Jillian on the show and thinks she adds to the quality of the panel.  Seems to me that the obesity topics are on the mark with her and not so much with the physicians.  I want to hear more from her and her take no prisoners attitude.  Wish more people supported her passion and drive to help people help themselves.  The other physicians came across like they have always and will continue to see obesity as a problem that the fat person is not responsible for.  Whoa!


I have gained 60lbs in the last five years and it is all my fault.  I made bad decisions and think it is so irrational and outright wrong for anyone else to pay my medical bills and developing diabetes.  It is my life journey and one I am responsible for.  No one else but me is going to fix this problem.  I think the other MDs are way off base making the exxcuse they did.  They are way too empathetic and need to get some backbone to stop enabling the overweight in our society.  Obesity is going to take down our medical system... oh wait, it already is unraveling. 

If someone is vigilant about maintaining their health they ought to have lower health premiums.  The only person on the pane who sees this is JILLIAN!!!   Looks to me like the non-physician is on the mark here.  Guess the audience of this show is a bunch of socialists who think everyone has to take responsibility for others actions and decisions.  This is not a smart way to go and will only result in the further deterioration of our country's healthcare and how obese people continue to make excuses for themselves instead of becoming empowered to get fit.


To put it bluntly I hate the new version of the show...I think I've watched my last show. They had a great show and ruined it.


If it ain't broken don't fix it. This was a great its like every other show on TV...a screaming match. This is not the Jillian Michales show...GET RID OF HER NOW!



They had better make a change soon. They have lost me and soon others as well. Once we find something else to watch we will not come back. I really miss the old format.



I have no complaints with Jillian Michaels or what she does for a living; she is absolutely passionate about her work and undoubtedly helps a lot of people. That being said, I do not like Jillian being on the show every day and contributing to every topic. As I said before, she does great work being a health and wellness specialist, but she needs to stick to what she knows.


While Dr's Stork, Sears, Ordon and Masterson each have their specialties, they also each went through medical school and learned about many different topics/specialties while choosing their own. So they each have credible knowledge to back up their opinions. And regardless of whether you like the four of them or attention to the "DR." title before their names, it's there for a reason.


Jillian is definitely passionate about her work, and seems to bring that passion to everything she does, unfortunately that's not always a good thing. Her "passion" seems to make her even more outspoken and somewhat stubborn when presenting her opinions.


Also...pairing Jillian's strong headedness, with four doctors who know what they're talking about, and a doctor of psychology (who happens to be a female)**, more often than not tends to result in everyone yelling to be heard over one another. Which not only takes away from the advice that is trying to be given, but also gives the show a, dare I say, "trashy" feel?


I don't want to totally dump on Jillian and what she does, but when it comes to the show, "The Doctors" I feel like she is bringing it down and was much better as a guest/specialist on the episodes about health and wellness.


** I'm a female too and just pointing out that we have a tendency to get pretty loud while in a group, especially when wanting to be heard over everyone else!   =)



Attention Producers.......Please please wake up....and see that there is an overwhelming request for you to get rid of Jillian!!!!  You are loosing viewers and your 'once successful' show is going to tank!!!!


I agree that this show has always relayed important information. But...when it's delivered in a manner that makes you cringe (via Jillian)'s not worth ruining your day by feeling the aggravation that Jillian causes. Even if she were only on for five minutes per show, it would be too much.


I liked the show before. Now I like Dr. Oz. One doctor show a day is enough for me and Dr. Oz meets my needs. Too bad. I really liked The Doctors last year. I can't stand either of those women who were added to The Doctors this season. I don't want celebrities' opinions about health, especially those who are negative and rude. Dr. Oz is positive, professional, and kind. He also has a weight-loss campaign this year. He's already offered a lot of very useful advice without all the strident bologna! I recommend it. Thought I would miss The Doctors. Turns out I don't. Good luck. As far as I am concerned, The Doctors has become The Big Loser.


Even the picture above on the Doctors board makes me angry. Jillian is in the middle and not Dr. Lisa. This makes me feel she is being forced down my throat. The smart Jay was not so smart when he brought her on the show making her too important. Let her do her thing once a week and help someone and all of us at the same time, lose weight. Get her off the Doctors panel. That is where she really cannot ever fit in.


It is not worth holding on to see if they will change back to what made them good.  I do not like either of the new women hosts.  I think it gives it more of a Hollywood gossip show.  One of the shows I saw part of was about dating.  I don't feel that is Dr related, but the new "psychologist" obviously feels that is important.  I agree that weight is a big issue, but this is a Dr show, not the "biggest loser", but I agree that now this show is the biggest loser.  I am reading the comments that are coming in, but I am not watching the show anymore. 

I am also female, and yes, I think females tend to all talk at once at times.  That is not good for this show.  It might be ok for "the view", but not for the Drs. 


Is it me, or is Jillian on a bit less. Today there was a lot about weight and she hardly got to say anything. If I heard right she said "what the hell" at one point in the show. I may be really old fashioned, but I don't like that.


Please keep them both! I am a 51 year old women and all my friends and I watch the Doctors! We love the fresh perspective Wendy and Jillian bring to the show I absolutlely love there input and view. I can't fathom why people wouldn't want either of them on the show. Change is good escpecially those two. I hope to see more of them and WHY haven't they been seen more I want to see and hear both of them MOST of of DR. WENDY! 

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