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Snap on Smile - COST

For anyone who isn't sure what the cost of the snap on smile is... I called Dr. Dorfman's office today and they advised that it's between $500 - $1,000 per arch (that means per top and per bottom). Feel free to call their offices: 310.277.5678 or go to: www.billdorfmandds.com

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My teeth are okay but need great teeth. I can't afford veneers or lumineers. But the snap on smile price seems reasonable. Hope its not another gimmick. I have never seen the product in person nor know anyone who owns it.

I have been viewing videos about this snap on smile on youtube and google. And researching and reading anything and everything about this product on the internet in forums and articles. So far, my only CONCERN is how convincing the snap on looks between your gum and real teeth.

I noticed in every video that the patient or buyer of the product NEVER smiles big enough to show their gum. Which made me suspect that the snap on will look like a cheap plastic denture. So if I smiled big while you sat next to me that you would see the abnormal bulge of plastic over my gum.

The tip of the snap on smile appears convincing enough to look real in the VIDEOS, but I don't know about it in person. Sucks I would have to pay to get a consultation in order to see a sample in any dental office before I can even try one on myself to see if I'd like to buy it or not. When buying clothes, would you rather be in the store to make that purchase or at home online? You can't see the quality and feel the material of the clothing item if you were at home online. So won't know what quality of the product until you get it in the mail, then it's too late. That's how I feel about the snap on smile. You won't know until you have it in your mouth to see if its for you. By the time the dentist allows you to have one in your mouth you would have already paid for it. NO REFUNDS.

You'll notice most videos promoting the snap on at youtube are dentists who are trying to get you into their offices. I've noticed all the videos are slightly blurry qualities when the camera zooms up to the patients snapping on their smiles. Again, you never see their gum. Which makes it hard for me to judge if this looks "NATURAL".


Snap on smile is only a temporarly solution. It is a removable appliance that covers your teeth that you can get from your dentist vaughan. Since they go on top of your teeth, they do not blend with your gums well and may not look natural if you show gums when you smile.


does anybody actually know anybody with these things?


Last week, I visited a dentist in my area about getting snap on smile. He took a mold of my mouth, with NO obligation. He said the teeth should be in in about a week. No obligation. BUT, he told me it would cost me between 1500 to 2000 per arch. I am going to tell him try and get him down on the price. I think he is trying to make some money off of me!


Based on my own research, I would say that $500-$1000 dollars for an arch is on the cheaper side. I would say that $1000-$1500 is a more realistic price. Here is one good source for the snap on smile cost and some other related info.

Elisha M

I never even heard of a snap on smile myself I am just trying to get a decent dentist who doesn't rip people off with there money and Ins. who need cleaning and crown repairs which the costs are out of the world for 5 crowns and cleaning I have come up with over $7200.I HAVE  Ins. I don't even see the ins. hardly covering any of it then they tell me you can get that Care Credit  OMG  I just had (3), (3)  crowns ,   put  in  3 yrs  ago and they mess those up and that was in another state so now, I'm u now what, because They have re-do the ones that were done in that state, I told my husband with all his miles I should be able to fly back and get those re-done for nothing . i called and the dentist is no loner there. GO FIGURE????????? So back to the drwaing board.or so called dentist board   :)   :(   :(don't know which smiley to pick quite yet???HELP


This cosmetic procedure is perfect for those of us who would like to make our smile just right, but don't always have it in the budget to get a celebrity perfect smile. The technology makes it affordable to have gorgeous teeth and without having to undergo any invasive and uncomfortable procedures.



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