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Hi!! I saw your post and thought I would give you a couple of ideas.   I to am still liking the sweets so every night after dinner I have 1 sugar peice of chocolate and that seems to take away my cravings. The Dr. did say that a little chocolate would not hurt once in a while just keep it under 1/2oz   As to your slower weight loss. I really think it could ne do to the fact you are eating the fruit late at night.  What I do is have a piece of chicken instead with/or veggies I did in the yogurt dip that I made. I took plain yogurt and added a dill garlic spice to it. It makes a great dip for veggies.   The diet does sayunlimited amounts of protien and cleansing veggies to I took that to heart and when I am hungery late at night that is what I go for. I have cheated once went out drinking and then last night had some boneless wings as I was startving and boyfriend ordered then and they got there before my meal did . Tomorrow is my first day of cycle 2 and so far I have lost 11.6 pounds hopefully will be a little more then that tomorrow morning   Anyway just a few thoughts to maybe help you speed up the weight loss!


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I believe the reason behind the flavored water is the amount of sodium in it. I looooovvee my flavored water, i used to work with a personal trainer and she told me to be careful of them because of it. I drink the fruit2o and its one of the flavored waters that have a lower amount of sodium, check out the grams on ur flavored H2o.

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