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I watched the show today for the first time this season and dont't think I will be watching anymore. I used to record it so I have watched a lot of shows in the past and always enjoyed the show. DISCUSTING to listen to women yelling and all talking at the same time. I think Jillian is going to be very argumentative and too overbearing. The original doctors are great!! The change in the show wasn't for the better in my opinion.

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I agree-  Jilian M is not "host" material- probably a great personal trainer- but her screaming and talking over people makes the show hard to watch. She's not a doctor- an this also ruins the show's original premise.  Todays show sounded like "The View" on steroids...   Too bad.............


I have watched the Doctors Tv show from the beginning of the show, stopped watching Regis and Kelly Live (your on at the same time here)just to see the Doctors. I love all of the DOCTORS and if you ever go back to the original format, please advertise.

Thank you Jillian, I will now go back to watching Live with Kelly/Regis or anything else, rather than listen to Jillian.  She is too overbearing and rude. 


Jay is this really the type show you wanted??? what is your dad's opinion???? I will not watch any more...Jillian got her point across...she did get their attention....yelling profanities...the "F" word talking to people like they were "dogs". And regarding the logo....why is she in the front and the people that have carried the show for years in the background is she now the host??. I really looked forward to the doctors....not any more...you just lost a viewer.  




totally agree-ditto.

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