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Laser Hair Removal

I am doing some thinking of going for laser hair removal, but have heard from many people that it is ver unhealthy and dangerous for your skin. If you would like a full report on what Laser Hair Removal is and does, follow this link http://bit.ly/ihjPxC @ .   I have a lot of hair problem on my face and according to TheHairFacts , this is the only option open for me. DO any of you have...
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Head Of Aches

Many of us suffer from them. They come without warning... Every so often we find a throbing in our head that leads to us having the extreme pain in out heads that are called Headaches or Migrains. I for one have tried many different things to get rid of the pain but hardly ever does something work. I have tried everything from pain pills to a mixture of ground pepper, syrup, warm water and a...
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How much alcohol is enough???

Here in my country the legal drinking age is 18. I love to drink some vodka and coke before I go to bed, but I get so many comments from people saying that drinking vodka is the worst alcohol to drink. So with this said, can anyone tell me how much alcohol is enough?
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