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The new season with just the original four doctors is staring out to be the best season ever.  I along with many others are glad the producers finally listened to the viewers and removed Jillian and it appears Wendy as well.  The show did not need those two and is so much more fun to watch now.  Professionalism has returned.  TY TY TY!!! 

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I agree with all you have written, the 4 doctors energry has returned.

2012 is really gearing up to fun and informational, now that drama is gone.


I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best shows in forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good riddance Jillian!


I agree 100%! I really enjoyed the show on Wednesday! It was great to see that it does look like the show has returned to its roots with the Fab Four! Even the graphics at the opening only featured the four doctors. It appears that the producers are actually paying attention to the audience and responding. Looking forward to a great new year on the show!


Be sure to follow The Doctors Executive Producer, Jay McGraw on Twitter at:!/JayMcGraw

Tell him how you feel and inquire about the show on Twitter! Perhaps he will respond.

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