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I'm new to this website and not sure if this is the place to post medical ? But im desperate for answers so here goes, I'm 26 and have no health insurance unfortunately  so going to the dr isn't an option right now due to financial reasons. the last couple of weeks I've been suffering with the worst eye infection in both eyes, at first I thought it was just a stye because I've always had issues getting them all the time growing up, but now it's much worse both eyelids are itchy , watery and puss or crusted in the corners, swollen in the corners and very red and I'ts almost like all of my eyelashes are like infected hairs their very sore. I've done some research and it seems like a form of blepharitis I have allot of the symptoms of it  and some that I'm not so sure what's going on, I've got the dandruff type scales on lashes and my lashes are pretty sore and irritated and even falling out and growing in Wierd is the only way I can describe. it's gotten worse recently the inside of bottom eyelids are very rough and just not normal feeling at all it started with little white almost zit like bumps inside the bottom of my eyelid which freaked me out and now skin is peeling away which I thought was puss at first but it wasn't coming off as easily as the other puss that's been coming out, and worse of all there's a hole now but it's not my tear duct its actually on the opposite side of eye from nose it's a small slit or hole in each  bottom eyelid and seems like puss is coming out of this hole along with the peeling of the inside of my eyelid which I've noticed the peeling is now happening Inside of eyelid right above the opening or hole. My  lower eyelid is also pretty swollen in that same corner  I'm having the most issues in  (opposite of nose and tear duct side)  if anyone can give me any insight as what to do or even what type of medication could possibly help I've done the hot and even cold compress and recently even started taking a "healthy eye" vitamin. I know obviously I need to see a dr but I can't until after the holidays but in the meantime just want some answers as to what's going on with me I'm starting to really worry thanks so much for any help or insight! 

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I hope that you get the help you need immediately. I hope that you took the advice of the doctorsboard2. Take care, sincerely Sandy 

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