The doctors are sensoring any information that disagrees with their information

e-mail yuhaszjon@gmail.com.  I posted a some information from my FREE 163 slide power point "Exposing the Myth of Vaccination; Essential Information You Need to Know to be Fully Informed." and within 1 hour the information was taken down from their site.  The AMA says that the educated are the ones we have to be concerned with as they perform critical thinking and question what is being said and done to them and do not follow along as many other sheeple do.  For the facts on vaccination that are cited and referenced from the CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO, PubMed, prestigious journals, vaccine inserts, top experts in their field, legislative and legal issues and recommended books, DVD's and websites e-mail yuhaszjon@gmail.com

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Should the doctors sensor relevant medical information from sources they like to cite such as the FDA, CDC, NIH and WHO
No it encourages a intelligent debate
Yes, they have a right to delete any information that they do not like or disagree with even though it is cited from the sources the doctors use such as the CDC and FDA
do not care because I do not want to know the facts and truth about vaccination
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They didn't censor this information ... I'm reading it right now.  Where did you put it to be sensored?  They usually will only censor if you give names of people or addresses or stuff like that, but otherwise keep the blog up.


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