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The "tips" on developing a profile suggested describing sense of style, what you love about life, and telling about the last thing you purchased for a friend.  OK!  Here it is:

My style is casual and easy-going.  Since I've been unemployed for a year, I mostly wear jeans and nice shirts.  The good news is that I just landed a job at the local college, and I will be starting on January 13.  

My style goes beyond what I wear: it's also about how I live. I love being outdoors.  I grew up in the forests of Washington State, and that lifestyle is in my blood and in my bones.  Additionally, my lifestyle consists of helping others.  I have been a high school teacher for 19 years, and guiding young people to become life-long learners is my passion. 

I believe strongly that I have the ability to change my life, and I have taken some risks to do that.  Most recently, I met a wonderful man on the internet.  After about a year of chatting, we decided to meet.  He kept flying out to Seattle to see me, and he swept me off my feet.  He's a wonderful person.  We decided we wanted to be life partners, so he moved me and all my belongings to his home in the Southwest.  I gave up my teaching career in Seattle for love!  Scary!  Some people might see that as crazy, but I figure there are kids everywhere who need my skills.  I just haven't been able to find a new teaching job in this economy.   The job I finally landed is a part-time test proctoring position for the local college.  I will embrace that job and do it well.

I love having a healthy body, although I haven't been optimally healthy in a long time due to my struggle with weight.  I'm hoping the 17 day challenge will help me get started on the road to better living.  Having never been unemployed before, I learned so much about how hard taking care of yourself can be.  I have gone for an entire year without health insurance.  It has been a humbling experience for me.  Going from having the ability to see a doctor anytime to not being able to see one has been earth shattering for me.  I'm 49 years old, and this shouldn't be happening.  Although my new job will be great for paying some bills, it doesn't include health insurance.  One of my goals for early 2011 is to get on state subsidised health insurance.  I'm hoping I won't have to use that for long, but not going to the doctor for such a long time has me worried.

Because I haven't had an income for a year, this Christmas made it almost impossible to buy gifts.  At my new home (and I feel fortunate to have a roof over my head), we have 6 pecan trees, and they produce so many pecans.  I developed a healthy recipe for pecan pies that uses Agave syrup as the sweetener.  No sugar or corn syrup!  I gave these pies to some relatives, and they loved them.  I must say... the pies were amazing!  So good!  My Agave Pecan Pies were the latest gifts I gave to friends!

I chose Hope2011 as my name for this site and this challenge.  After a year of unemployment (and I wasn't eligible for unemployment insurance) a part-time job in the first week of 2011 has given me new hope.

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I've been battling weight issues for a LONG, LONG time.  This 17 day thing is gonna help me get started.  Also, after a year of unemployment, I finally got a part-time job in the first week of January!  Can you say...."pay the bills"..."get some dang health insurance"?  I'm happy to be with all of you Doctor's bloggers!  We can do this!  Check out my profile at Hope2011.
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