About Me

Celesta Rannisi is a CA license homebirth midwife, licensed by the State of California Dept. of Consumer Affairs, Medical Board. She is a UCSD graduate in Lactation Education and Lactation Specialist. She is an alumni of Casa De Nacimiento Midwifery School and Registered with the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) And holds a seat on the board of the California Association of Midwives, as Region 10 representative (San Diego and imperial Counties). Celesta is a standing member of her communities Chamber of commerce and a Member of the Rock Church in San Diego.

Celesta has been providing well woman/baby care since 1987. Celesta started a primary care midwifery practice in 1990. A true pioneer She became one of California’s first legal midwives in 1993. Then in 1997 she and 40 of her midwife colleges challenged the state to allow her to “grandmother-in” and sat for the Medical Board of California’s first midwifery licensing exam since 1949 when it became illegal to be a midwife. For the last 20+ yrs. Celesta has worked as a primary care midwife, lactation specialist and alternative woman’s health practitioner.

An activist for the preservation of individual rights of women and their families choices in heath care and family rights issues. She continues to work towards providing access to midwives by women in California and globally.

Celesta lives and serves the women of greater San Diego California. She has also traveled abroad as a midwife for those who are unable to find one in there area or country. She has done missions work for birthing families in Baja Calif. Mexico, has traveled to Asia and Europe, South America and helped establish a maternity/health clinic in the village of Mwanyangiri, of Uganda, Africa.

Celesta has had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with women from different parts of the world exploring the nature of women and their births and learning different tricks and remedies used in the childbearing years and throughout their lives. From puberty to menopause Celesta provides a wealth of knowledge. well respected educator to student midwives, birthing couples, and the general public Celesta has spoken here and abroad for conferences and workshops, including Midwifery today, Le Letche League International - Singapore, University of California San Diego past host on an Internet talk show via Voice America called: "Celesta Rannisi's Timely Topics In Childbirth."

Celesta is a skilled colon therapist trained by Author and Teacher Milian Chessman and works to help women heal their metabolism, loose weight and detoxify their bodies from poisons parasites and wastes that contaminate their bodies.

If you don't know your options...........you don't have any!!!