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Hip Hot Mamas-where style, fitness and motherhood collide.
Motherhood Survival Club
San Francisco, CA

 created on: 10/06/10

Samantha (Kid 3.5)
Christina (Kid 4)
Kristine (Kid 14 mo)

Hip Hot Mamas are not willing to sacrifice fashion, beauty or their bodies once they become mothers.  We are hip, hot, independent mamas in our late 20's to mid 40's with babies, toddlers and young children who are not afraid to look hot on the playground..(my high shoe loves to sink into the soft rubber floor).  We are fitness minded fashionistas, artists, designers and entrepreneurs that find true enjoyment out of life and being a creative urban Mama.  This group is for real women.  We don't claim to have a perfect life, perfect man or perfect child.  We are independent hot mamas who are not afraid to tell it how it is!  We're determined to find a better way to enjoy life, be great mamas and stay Hip and Hot while we're at it.  Family first.  Fashion, style and margaritas a close second.

Group Goals:
• Looking to find like minded independent mamas who aren't afraid to wear a high shoe and lipstick at the playground
• Looking to network
• Meet for playdates
• Ladies night out
• Start creative collaborations
• Share fashion, beauty, motherhood and fitness/health tips
• Most importantly, have fun!!

Topics we're interested in:
• Fashion
• Fitness
• Style
• Fun 

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