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The Great Vaccine Debate

On yesterday’s show, we touched on a very complex and confusing subject that all parents are faced with — childhood vaccines. So many parents have questions about the safety of vaccines, yet nobody wants to go back to the days before vaccines, when thousands of children would die each year from these now preventable illnesses.

One of our guests was a mother whose child had been damaged by a vaccine, and unfortunately, there are many stories like hers. After the show, another mother came up to me from the audience and explained to me that her child had caught meningitis — a vaccine preventable disease — and suffered brain damage! She truly wished that her child had been vaccinated!

There really are many sides to this issue. As a pediatrician, I find it frustrating to try to fully educate parents in my office — there just isn’t enough time! As you saw on the show today, we discussed the issue for about the same length of time as a typical office visit, and we barely scratched the surface. For parents in my office that want to fully educate themselves about the risks and benefits of vaccines, I highly recommend The Vaccine Book, written by pediatrician Robert Sears (yes, he’s my brother!). This book will give you excellent information about each vaccine and the illness that it was designed to prevent. It explains how common each of these illnesses are and what the risks are of having a bad reaction from each of the vaccines.

If parents better understand the risks and benefits of vaccinating, they will be better prepared to discuss this subject with their doctor — and make the best decision for their child. The book also gives some suggestions that parents can use to make the whole vaccination process safer.

- Dr. Jim

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Dr. Sears.. I love your advice.. but the diseases are not preventable.  Nobody can tell God, hey, guess what? I just found a cure!  All it takes is for one little mutated strand to enter the vaccinated body and guess what! The kid who has been vaccinated against EVERYTHING is sick with something.  How many people poeple have the flu vaccine and still get the flu? Yes, that's a stupid example, but think about it. MY hometown, yes, we are small, only about 20,000.  But for almost the ENTIRE winter, half the town was down and out from the flu. The ones who got it first? The teachers who got the vaccine. They then spread it to their students who spread it at home...etc.etc.  I do agree with vaccines.  But nothing is preventable.  Fate will make it happen whether you protect your kids against  or not. NOTHING is preventable


Dr Sears;

You hit the nail on the head when you said you have about the same time to spend with a patient in the office as you do on a topic on the show.

Thats why people are so upset with their doctors,and the Healthcare system.I am lucky my doctor never rushes me.

Still enjoying the show.



Dr Jim I so agree with knowledge. if parents are worried read all the info you can get your hands on.




dr jim

wow. what a great show,vaccinations!!!the problem lays with the immune system.  some people can fight off a little toxin (vaccine),some can not. so...sad , it is a crap shoot with all little children..



Dr. Sears,

First, I want to thank you and your colleagues (SP?) for bringing this debate to the public. I also want to thank you for having people that are against vaccines on your show as much as people that are for them. I think alot of the problem in our society today when it comes to health care is people not researching and finding out information on things for themselves. Wether you are for or against the shots.. I wish people had better information. Both for and against. We don't immunize our children, and one thing that we have found in the last 13 years since our oldest was born, was that most dr's are only willing to give you the information for why you need to vaccinate and not talk about the reactions... so, parents are scared into immunizing even if they are worried about it. I think it is a great thing to get information on both sides of the issue out there. I also agree with the lady that was on the show that dr's need to not only watch for kids that might have a higher likelyhood for reaction.. (family history, child size.. health.. so on..) but that all dr's have the same information on both sides of the issue. My sister has been concerned about immunizing her son because of the high occurance of autoimmune disease in our family. Some dr's have said.. it is not a good idea, others have said it is ok.. so, all need the same info to be able to give families so they know what they are getting into. Thank you so much for this show and for this forum to be able to  talk to other people to talk this all out! Keep up the good work!

Tania Hammond


the problem in todays society is we are living with so so  many toxins,ie: antibotics in our public water ,virus,ie MRSA, etc, pesticides in our food, grown on depleted soil, toxic things shipped in from out of country ie ,lead ,mercury in childrens toys and on and on and on...and then we expect our sick childrens bodies to once again deal with another toxin (vaccines ) which still contains a small amount of mercury and still expect ourchildren to thrive




I am proud to say that I am a 25 year old female who has NEVER received an immunization/Vaccination. My parents had a home birth with all three of their children and we are as healthy as can be!  In my 25 years I have never missed a day of school (even when they threatened to kick me and my 2 brothers out of school for not getting vaccinated :-)!)

It would be very interesting to see a study done on children who are not vaccinated vs. vaccinated children.  As mentionned on the show there is an increase, in autism and ADHD along with other immune deficiencies since the vaccine schedules have increased...it would be very interested to see how many kids that suffer from autism have acutally been vaccinated vs. those who are suffering and have not...



Thanks for sharing your insights.  I've read The Vaccine Book and thought it was great.  


Dr. Sears,

My 4 year old son has a mild form of autism.  As a new mother, I trusted the pediatrician with vaccinating my baby.  He was a thriving boy up until around 18mo.  He was saying mama, dada, truck, duck etc.  Then he just stopped and starting babbling the same babble over and over.  He has been genetically tested and is lacking the glutathione in his system to help him get rid of the toxins we come into contact with through the environment, vaccines, etc.  I also have 2 year old who has the same problem but he has not had all of his vaccinations and is thriving amazingly.  I have been to one of your brothers conferences and even asked him a couple of questions.  In today's show, you talked about how pregnant woman should be careful about nail polish because of the formaldehyde in it.  Isn't it in the vaccines we put in our babies bodies?  I hope you read this and I would love to hear a response from you.  I do love the show!  It is very informative.

Shelley Taylor


My husband and I had our son vaccinated up to 4 months.  We took a look at the schedule and decided to hold off on all vaccinations.  If the CDC is saying that 'more research needs to be done' then I'm not convinced that they are safe.  I understand the risks as well but it would break my hear to know that my son ended up with autism because we put poison in his little body.

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