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Dr. James (“Dr. Jim”) M. Sears, M.D., is a board certified pediatrician who is part of a family practice that he shares with his father, William, and younger brother Robert, located in Capistrano Beach, Calif.

He earned his medical degree at St. Louis University School of Medicine in 1996 and completed his pediatric residency at Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine and Tod Children’s Hospital in Youngstown, Ohio, in 1999. During his residency, he received the honor of “Emergency Medicine Resident
of the Year.”

Dr. Sears loves working with children. It is not uncommon for him to see his patients outside of office hours by attending their birthday parties or graduations. He regards them as part of his extended family.

“My hope with THE DOCTORS is to bring the same family feel of my office to all the families in America that don’t have a personal relationship with their pediatrician,” Dr. Sears said. “More than just treating illness, my desire is to help families make changes for the better.”

He has been featured on “Dr. Phil” and the PBS series, “Help Me Grow,” and dispenses medical advice on the web sites www.Parenting.com and www.AskDrSears.com. He has co-authored several books, including The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood, Father’s First Steps — Twenty-Five Things Every New Father Should Know, The Premature Baby Book, The Baby Sleep Book and the best selling The Baby Book. Additionally, Dr. Sears writes for Parenting and Baby Talk magazines.

A father of two, his personal passions include endurance cycling, mountain biking, triathlons, sailboat racing, snow skiing, hiking and acting in musical theater with his daughter.

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2010 Health Challenge

The Doctors 2010 Health ChallengeLike you saw on our show, my resolution this year is to complete a half-Ironman triathlon! Well … I just had my first official day of training, and boy, do I have my work cut out for me! I’ve got three months to get in shape for a 1¼ mile swim, followed by a 56 mile bike ride, topped off by a half-marathon. Sounds like a lot -- and I HAVE...
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djamel belabbes



@ DrSears When you went to The Willis Tower to face your fear of heights did it help? I have a fear of heights as well. If I was with you, we would have been quite a pair, only since the observation area was all glass, I would have been on my hands and needs.


I was watching the show airing 12/11/12, and saw the portion about how children can be taught to be able to swallow pills. I was disappointed and quite frankly a little concerned that NOTHING was mentioned about teaching children that pills are NOT candy. As a registered nurse I have seen children brought into the ER who have swallowed what they thought was "candy", and was actually medications that could have killed them.


I had to comment that you didn't give the full old remedy for teething pain.  You take a full shot of whiskey, dip your finger in the whiskey and rub on babies gums, then drink the shot for yourself.  You don't get the full effect if you don't do the second half of that.  LOL.  (I can't stand alchohol so I never tried this on my kids who are both in their thirties now.)


Thank you for all your great work Dr. Sears!


so did you do the half-Ironman triathlon?  You really inspire me to want to do more.  I know that you had a weight issue at one time, and you were succerssful at taking it off and KEEPING IT OFF.  I tried to do the things i love to do that were good for me and considered exercise.  But soon learned that I was in no shape to do any of those things.  But I listen to you talk about how to do things in baby steps for CHILDREN.  children with health issues, children with physical issues and children with thought processing issues.  I have taken those stories and treatments and applied them to myself and SLOWLY I am making strides in feeling better.  I still need to drop from 35% fat to 25% fat.  but one thing at a time.  

Also you should know that you had a positive effect on my daughter as well.  She saw the Doctors taping when you all went to haiti.  She has decided that she wants to be a pediatrician that helps kids all over the world.  Including our own backyard.  She is now a senior at 17 and is going to do a career internship at HOAG HOSPITAL.  Keep up the good work.  And post  me about the triathalon you were talking about in January.

If you would like to submit a question to The Doctors you can do so by going to the top of this page and placing your cursor over CONTACT THE SHOW. In the drop down menu you will see ASK OUR DOCTORS. Click ASK OUR DOCTORS and fill out the form. Because of the large number of responses we receive each day, unfortunately not every e-mail can be answered personally. Be assured that the producers do however, read each submission carefully. If a producer wishes to follow up with you, you may receive a phone call or an e-mail response. If it is an urgent matter, we suggest you contact your physician or local clinic.

Hello ..
I Zaid from Jordan, My Age 18 year

I have failed to consider and I want to do the work of the process of vision correction through LASIK-ray ... Is it harmful and is working on the destruction of the cornea? Or not? What are the side effects? Please advise me as soon as possible and thank you

^ _ ^

^ _ ^


Dr. Sears, I love what you're doing! I'm watching your show from Germany, I just want to tell you that it's great what you're doing. Thank you!


Dr. Sears, you are this generation's Dr. Spock - thank you for sharing so much practical wisdom! I don't know if you can help, but I have identical twin granddaughters who are going through a horrible period. They sit against a wall or closed door and rock back against it, banging their spines and heads. This can go on for ages, and we cannot get them to stop. They broke their crib and outgrew their sleep-n-play 'pens' so we're trying to get them to sleep in a bed but they refuse - just get back on the floor and bang, then eventually pass out for a few hours, only to wake up and start banging again. Money is a major concern so we can't buy new cribs. They show no other symptoms of autism - they interact, make eye contact, play, etc. - so we seriously doubt that's the problem. There is AD(H)D on both sides of their genetic tree - could this be an early sign? My daughter, their mother, rocked herself to sleep on her hands and knees for several years as a self-calming technique, but never anything like this. The entire household is in shambles from emotional and physical exhaustion, we're always afraid the neighbors will call the police (again) or CPS and the babies will be taken away... they're generally healthy and happy otherwise, but this is almost literally driving us crazy. Is there anything at all you can suggest? (Their next well-baby visit isn't until mid-July - should we take them in on an "urgent" basis for exams of any kind?) Please help - we are truly desperate.

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